Topic: Forex Strategy Builder v2.76

Forex Strategy Builder v2.76 comes with some bugs fixed and GUI improvement.

This release fixes a crash on startup when a user uses higher DPI or font settings. Now FSB doesn't crash but it still experiences some visual issues.

Generator now preserves Martingale settings of the strategy when Properties slot is locked.

Applying Serfel's magic on custom controls noticeable improved the user interface responsibility. It is most visible when scrolling indicator chart or journals on the main screen.

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Re: Forex Strategy Builder v2.76

If I want to use martingale, how do I use properties tab through generator? TP,SL, Same direction, Opposite Direction..

Please make the martingale just to be modified independently by user.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder v2.76

At the moment Generator switches off Martingale if Properties slot is not locked.
We have to redesign the manner Generator deals with the properties.
I'll try some new ideas with Generator of FSB Pro.