Topic: Forex Strategy Builder V2.73

There are some minor fixes in this release:

- Fill in Data Gaps option under Market menu fills in only gaps in working days and leaves weekend gaps open.
- ATR Stop Indicator - fixed minimum stop value for 5 digits quotations.

The new release can be downloaded from Download page.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder V2.73

does FSB 2.73 have Day Closing v2 (where you can specify the time) I know FST has it already

Re: Forex Strategy Builder V2.73

FSB doesn't need it. It has no problem with closing at the end of the day. As I remember Day Closing V2 for FST was designed to prevent failed closing due to broker closing before 24:00.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder V2.73

FSB v2.73 appears as a Beta in About screen.
The reason is a mistake in numbering of the release. It should be v2.74. The program automatically marks odd version numbers as Beta.
This is only a visual effect and does not affect the program in any way.

We'll not change the release for now since this is a minor bug.
FSB v2.73 is as a stable final release.