Topic: Forex Strategy Builder v2.55 RC2

This version of Forex Strategy Builder has some bug fixed.

Download link: FSB_v2.55.0.0_RC2.exe

Changes from FSB v2.54 RC:

- Added 1/500 leverage in the Account Settings dialog window;
- Data files updated from Alpari (UTC+2H time zone), 5 / 3 digits quotations;
- Instrument properties set to 5 / 3 digits quotations;
- Lot size changed from 10 000 to 100 000 USD.
- Using the latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 for compilation the program. (It remains .NET 2.0 compatible.);
- Changed default values of all Stop Loss and Take Profit indicators to 200 pips;
- Corrected formula for calculating the "Account percent entry size";
- Correction of the data file parser. It correctly read years 24/6/10 as 2010.06.24. (The old version read it as 0010.06.24.);
- Improved error report of the data parser;
- Added a "Play Sounds" option in the Tools menu. From there one can stop the beep of the Generator and Optimizer;
- New option to the "Export" menu - "Data File". It can export data files in CSV. It is useful when you want to save the data file in correct format or cut bad data.
- Fixed a bug with the vertical scaling of the chart.
- Some optimizations and protections were applied.

Changes from FSB v2.54.6.0 RC
- Corrected bug when Save As command of Overview window saves an empty page;
- When "Account percent entry" is activated, the entry % may be greater than max entry lots;
- Several smaller issues fixed.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder v2.55 RC2

Good job, and I see you added Maximum number of opening logic slots 8 (was 4) and Closing logic slots 8 ( was 2). I was about actually to ask this feature to be released.