Topic: Forex Strategy Builder v2.10.0.0

Forex Strategy Builder v2.10.0.0 published on November 1, 2009.

Changes in this version:

    *  Permanent Take Profit added.
    * The traded size can be part of a lot.
    * Strategy generator was improved.
    * Pessimistic method of interpolation is more pessimistic now.
    * Optimistic method of interpolation is more optimistic now.
    * Method comparator switches off Trade until Margin Call option.
    * Intrabar data are loading automatically when "Automatic Scann" is switched on.
    * Loading of intrabar data after changing Data Horizon or Data Directory.
    * The starting tips are ordered.
    * Generator is able to generate Permanent Take Profit.
    * Chart settings are saved into the config file.
    * Many small fixes have been made.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder v2.10.0.0

Great job! I've been looking forward to some of these changes.