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Parlez-vous français? We do! Grand Capital now has a Facebook page in French
Francophone trading community has always been important to us, but today we have especially great news for you: our new Facebook page in French is up and running!https://www.facebook.com/GrandCapitalFranco/

Now that Brexit is a reality, France has become the second-largest economy in the European Union. It may mean many different things for the market giants and ordinary traders alike, but one thing is certain: the change is coming, and we mean to be a part of it! In the world of ever-changing market trends, its volatile currents and treacherous undertows, it’s important to stay afloat. And there's no better way to always be up to date in our age of social media than to get updates quickly and directly in your own language on Facebook.

Follow our Facebook page in French to:

  • be the first to get all important updates;

    take part in exclusive contests with real prizes;

    read fresh market analytics from Grand Capital experts;

    learn more about our bonuses and special offers;

    receive support in your language, fast and easy;

    learn the latest market trends and get useful trading tips.

Grand Capital is an international company with offices all round the world, our website is currently available in 15 languages. To make the communication with our clients easier, we also have seven language-specific Facebook pages in English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and the latest addition to the list, in French.

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Grand Capital sponsored the campaign for the reforestation in West Africa
Representatives of Grand Capital took part in an action to restore forests on August 18, in Burkina Faso. The ground clearance is one of the main environmental problems of the country. The campaign, organized by AJDEPS, was designed to draw attention to this problem and help partially restore forests. The regional office of Grand Capital has sponsored the campaign, and the company's staff helped volunteers to plant about 30 new trees.

Bougma Abdoulaye, head of the Grand Capital of Burkina Faso:

"Ecology is the protection of ecosystems consisting of many organisms. It is necessary to maintain a balance in relation to nature, to love and protect it, keeping to an ecological concept. Realizing the importance of environmental approach, the company Grand Capital South Africa has sponsored the reforestation campaign, organized by AJDEPS and held on August 18, 2019, in Bobo-Dioulasso".

Over the past 70 years, the environmental situation in the world has deteriorated dramatically. The number of rare species of animals and plants is decreasing, pollution of the world's oceans and atmosphere is observed, and the ozone layer is being destroyed. Many well-known politicians, public figures and large companies such as Apple, Starbucks, H&M, Procter & Gamble and others are concerned about the state. We are pleased that Grand Capital has made a small contribution to improve the situation. We hope that together with our regional partners we will do so on a regular basis. We thank all customers for their loyalty, because it is you and your support that motivates us to get better and grow every day. Stay with us and we will do more good deeds together!

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Second Grand Capital office in Burkina Faso
Our company opened a second office in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou on August 25th.

  • The office provides a wide range of services for traders:
    assistance in opening a trading account, withdrawal and deposit operations;
    advice on the services and products of Grand Capital;
    trading classes and seminars;
    help in joining our partnership program.

Address: Ouaga 2000, Zone A, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
Phone: +226 77 03 74 32; +226 62 13 01 89.
On September 8th and 9th, a two-day education program for novice traders will take place in the new office. It will be headed by Abdoulaye Bougma, the head of Grand Capital in Burkina Faso. Learn more on our website and use the phone numbers listed above to register for the event.

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The new DataCenter in Hong-Kong!
Great news for our Asian clients! We are pleased to announce the opening of our new DataCenter in Hong Kong, which means faster trade execution. This is a key aspect of your day-to-day trading process and our company is happy to provide better conditions for our clients' convenience. Stay tuned to keep abreast of the latest news!

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The new Grand Capital office opened in Colombia!
Our offices of are located in some of the most beautiful places of the world: by the river Saigon in Vietnam, on the Atlantic coast in Brazil, in Indonesia and many other wonderful locations. Regional offices of Grand Capital operate in 14 countries. Colombia is the latest addition to that list. Last week, Grand Capital opened its first Colombian office in Barranquilla.
The office is headed by the partner of Grand Capital Rubén García Bustamante, a business management expert, who’s been devoting all his time to trading for three years.

Rubén García, head of Grand Capital office in Colombia:

"As a business administration professional, I have applied all of my knowledge and skills to various aspects of my life, and trading is no exception. As we all know, discipline, organization and perseverance are the main criteria that guarantee success in trading. I have traded binary options, currencies, stocks and futures. I can confidently say that any asset is profitable if you follow certain rules and adhere to your trading plan."

Contacting our new office to:

  • open a trading account;

    deposit and withdraw funds;

    take a free course for beginners or an advanced course at a favorable price;

    get access to a private chat with trading signals;

    start earning with copy trading.

Contact information:

Address: Cra 44B 99C - 80, Barranquilla Colombia

Opening hours: 9:00-18:00

Telegram: https://t.me/GrandCapital_Colombia

Email: colombia@grandcapital.net

WhatsApp: 57 3006775035

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Find more analytics on our Telegram channel!

Get your daily market analysis directly in Telegram, one of the most popular messaging apps of today: the latest market news and forecasts on major stocks, currencies and cryptocurrencies prepared by professional analysts.

Our staff experts provide relevant technical and fundamental reviews absolutely for free charge as text and video. Descriptive statistics is posted together with charts for further clarity.

No spam, surveys or ads.

Sign-up now and get fresh updates every morning! http://t.me/GC_Analytics

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Trading seminar took place in Indonesia
Grand Capital teamed up with the investment education center Tradevelling with the help of Samara Group to organize a trading seminar on November 27th in Surabaya. The event took its place in Mercure Grand Mirama Hotel Surabaya and was attended by more when 100 people.

It wasn’t the first event organized by our company in Southeast Asia, this time the speakers included our partners and professional traders Achmad Bimo Singo Wijoyo and Restya Boris Permana, along with our Head of International Development Denis Kulagin:

“Our yearly meetings with Indonesian traders have become a tradition at Grand Capital. Educational seminars allow us to help local traders follow the financial market trends and learn about new efficient trading and investing instruments. And, of course, we have lots of positive feedback from the audience. Among the highlights of this seminar are copy trading, RAMM accounts and investment portfolios. Next year, we’ll be focusing more on these areas.”

The main topics of the seminar included copy trading and binary options. Moreover, the event featured professional traders who shared their secrets with the audience and gave advice on increasing monthly profit with minimal risks. The organizers note that the company’s bonuses, promotions, payment systems, and copy trading technologies were also met with positive response.

Our latest meeting with local traders proved to be very productive, and we’re not going to stop here. Follow our news to learn about the future Grand Capital events near you!

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2019: the year in review
Dear clients and partners! On behalf of the entire team of Grand Capital, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! May the new year bring you unlimited opportunities in trading, new financial achievements and fulfillment of all your plans. We wish you to remain strong and happy! The end of December is a time to look back at the year past and make plans for the new one ahead. Let’s do it together!

2019 in numbers:

—Total number of our company’s clients has increased by 55% since the previous year, and now equals 750,155;

—Total number of our partners has risen by 10% and now is 22,131;

—The company’s total monthly turnover went up 32% and now is $8.31;

—Total amount of funds given to clients as bonuses is $1.6;

—We have held over 100 trading contests during the year.

As we promised one year ago, 2019 has become the year of better trading conditions:

April saw spread cuts for Standard, Swap Free and Micro accounts, in August we reduced spreads once again for Standard account, as well as for ECN Prime and MT5. For some instruments, spreads went down by as much as 30%;

During the year, the list of available trading instruments was expanded several times. The biggest change was the number of new instruments offered on Standard account: 40 new CFDs became available for trading. In August, we prepared a special treat for cryptocurrency traders: 23 new instruments were added to Crypro account, and 25 new ones to MT5;

We have significantly reduced swaps for 49 currency pairs on Standard and Micro accounts. Furthermore, we lowered the commission for the transfer of positions through midnight for gold and silver, as well as for GOLD/EUR and SILVER/EUR;

In March, we implemented the technology of floating leverage. It allows to limit the market risk, avoid uncontrolled overload and prevent the risk of irretrievable loss;

We have successfully passed the trade execution system assessment conducted by Verify My Trade together with the Forex mediator FinaCom. Data from over 5,000 trades was used for the assessment. We’re happy to announce that many of our prices proved to be better than the market averages;

In September, Grand Capital reduced cryptocurrency trading commission three times. Trading commission for volume on Crypto and MT5 now is 0.5% instead of 1.6%;

Cryptocurrencies Ripple (XRP) and Tether (USDT) made available as deposit options.

2019 in awards

This year, Grand Capital received two new international awards: we’ve been named the “Fastest Growing Forex Broker in Nigeria” and the “Best ECN Broker in Africa” according to the media site CIO.

2019 in copytrading

On June 6th, our company introduced the innovative copytrading platform RAMM. It enhanced the trading process with a higher risk control and a rational profit distribution. But the highlights of the platform are the accurate execution and the abscence of requotes.
Grand Capital integrated RAMM with MT4
Now the owners of MT4 accounts at Grand Capital have access to cross-website login in RAMM, as well as to creation and management of original strategies without using additional plugins.
For your convenience, we prepared a special user guide to RAMM trading.

2019: new offices boom

Three continents saw new offices of Grand Capital open this year. Africa was first: a new regional representative office opened in Lagos, Nigeria. The example inspired our partners in other countries: soon new offices opened in Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Imbituba (Brazil) and Nueva Loja (Ecuador).
In April, Grand Capital started working with Africa’s oldest bank: FNB. This partnership enables clients from eight African countries to deposit and withdraw funds in their local currencies.

2019 in education

During this year, we organized over 20 trading classes and workshops all over the world. In early spring, the major investment management forum Grand Capital Financial Business Expo took place in Windhoek, Namibia. Our year in education was concluded by trading classes in Surabaya (Indonesia) and Bangkok (Thailand).


If 2019 was planned to become a year of better trading conditions, 2020 will be the year of usability and design. Soon our clients will be able to get their hands on our new Private Office which will introduce both new user-friendly interface and a set of new features. A redesign of our website and a new mobile app for trading will also arrive in the near future. However, our partners and clients will see even more upgrades until the end of the new year!

See you in the new year!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Over 60 new cryptocurrency pairs on MT5
In 2018, we launched a new account type for trading in the MetaTrader 5 platform. This platform is known for its advanced features: primarily the netting and hedging systems of order accounting, depth of market, separate accounting of orders and trades.

Today we are pleased to announce that 61 new cryptocurrency pairs will be added to the list of instruments available on MT5  accounts.
Most of the new pairs involve popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin and Binance Coin. Full list with specifications is available here.
Currently there are nearly 450 trading instruments available on MT5 accounts, including classic Forex instruments, CFDs on stocks, currencies, indices, raw materials and more.

New cryptocurrency pairs will become available for trading starting from January 20th, 2020!

Cryptocurrency trading on MT5 accounts:

  • Spreads from 13 pips;
    Wide variety of instruments: 100 cryptocurrency pairs;
    Minimum deposit is $100.
    Open an MT5 account and start trading

The cryptocurrency market opens up vast possibilities for trading:

  • Unlimited trading schedule — the market is open 24/7;
    Cryptocurrencies are more volatile, which means there’s more profit to make;
    Reliability and transparency of decentralized cryptocurrencies;
    Investment alternative to familiar trading instruments.

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New Grand Capital office opened in Armenia
Grand Capital started 2020 with a new office in Yerevan. Our clients in Armenia now can get advice on trading and investment services from a qualified expert, as well as discuss the opportunity of partnership with an international brand.

Mehdi Khatami, the head of Yerevan office:

“The number of regional offices of Grand Capital continues to grow, and we are happy that our own office opened at a very special time – on the Christmas day! Our team is ready to answer all your questions about trading, help you open a trading account and tell everything about partnership with us. Merry Christmas and welcome!”

Office contacts:

WhatsApp: 0037444281212

Email: mehdi@grandcapital.net

Address: Yerevan, Koryun st. 21, 3rd floor

Working hours:

Mon–Sat: 10:00–19:00 (UTC +4).

Sun: closed.

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Deposit in INR with Yes Bank

Among those working with Grand Capital are traders from all over the world, and we are constantly making sure to provide the most relevant services and the best trading conditions to everyone. Today we’re pleased to announce that our clients in India can now make deposits in rupees using a reliable payment method: Yes Bank.

Goutam Das, Director of Development in Africa:

“Starting from January 2020, traders from India will be able to use the new method of depositing and withdrawing funds in local currency through a trustworthy bank with an extensive network of branch offices. It is a local bank experienced with the specifics of the region, which means that working with Grand Capital has just become easier and more accessible.”

To make a deposit:

Go to the Deposit section in your Private Office;
Select Yes Bank and fill out the required fields;
The details of Yes Bank will appear;
Go to the user area on the bank’s website and transfer the funds using the details.
Did you know that Grand Capital adds 40% to all deposits made using all payment methods? Choose the one that suits you, make a deposit, and claim the bonus!

To receive a bonus:

Go to the “Promotions and Bonuses” section in your Private Office. Choose “Any Deposit Bonus 40%” among the available options, select your account from the list and click “Claim bonus”.
Bonus funds will be transferred automatically.

About the bank:

Yes Bank is among the most successful and fastest growing banks of India. The bank has received several prestigious national and international awards for the achievements in corporate investment banking, best transactional solutions and security of service. The bank’s network covers large cities and towns throughout India, making its services available to customers all around the country.

Enjoy trading!

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Come to financial forum in Namibia on January 25th
You’re invited to Grand Capital Financial Business Expo in Namibia

Grand Capital Financial Business Expo is a major financial forum where you can learn proper financial management and start making profit from your available funds.

At the forum you will:

  • learn about investment and online trading services for consistent extra income;
    get advice on making money in Forex from successful traders;
    talk to investment experts and learn the answers to your questions;
    learn more about trading currency pairs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Among the speakers are international experts in the field of finance from Europe and Africa:

  • Goutam Das — Director of Development in Africa at Grand Capital, trader, expert in the field of investment and financial market trading.
    Helena EK Nyau — business instructor with vast experience in financial markets.
    Sergey Kozlovsky — financial analyst, investment expert, speaker at webinars and classes for traders.
    All visitors will have the opportunity to chat with speakers in an informal setting and ask any questions about Forex.

The forum will take place on January 25th, from 10:00 AM–2:00 PM at the National Theater of Namibia, Robert Mugabe Avenue, Windhoek.

Admission is free. Welcome!

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Interview with contest winners: «Believe in yourself and learn how the market moves»

A well-chosen trading strategy, correctly predicted trend, and the ability to make the most out of the capabilities of a trading platform: these are not enough to achieve success in trading. Read our new interviews with contest winners to learn how important it is to listen to your intuition, and how experience influences your attitude towards trading.

Anton Petrovsky from Russia, winner of the 504th round of Drag Trade, received real $200.

Preferred instruments: currency pairs with GBP and NZD.

I’m 30 years old, work as an electrician. I enjoy Forex trading and poker. To learn trading, I read on the subject and practiced on a demo account. I believe that it’s better to learn from your own mistakes by trading in the real markets. Like most traders, I want to achieve complete financial independence with the help of trading. Once I lost a large deposit when Stop Loss didn't work and I couldn't close it manually, it was my biggest trading failure. From that moment on, I began to monitor transactions more closely. To deal with anxiety when trading and not give in to emotions, I try not to get hung up on anything and seek distractions, try to find something interesting to do.

When choosing a broker, I paid attention to reviews on forums online. While looking through the reviews I came across Grand Capital, I saw that they offer interesting trading contests. My strategy in this round was based on intuition. That’s what helped me win, I think. I advise beginners to learn from other people's mistakes instead of making them yourselves.

Alexey Butolin from Russia, winner of the 262th round of Rally Trade, received a bonus of $500

Preferred instruments: GBP/USD and GBP/JPY

Trading strategies: trading from levels

Indicators: Stochastic and RSI

My name is Alexey, I’m 61 years old, retired. I have been trading on Forex for about 5 years. Among my hobbies are trading and fishing. I learned trading on my own. Over the years, I developed intuition and self-control that help me avoid rash decisions. I believe that trading improves my personal qualities. I like trading as a hobby. It also makes a great addition to my pension! The most profitable trade I had involved GBP/USD. In early 2019, I managed to enter the market really successfully the support level. I managed to make 400 pips then.

When choosing a broker, I paid attention to customer reviews on the web, trading conditions, and deposit and withdraw methods. Grand Capital was recommended to me by an old friend. I liked it: good contests, excellent analytics, fast order execution. Interesting and transparent contests, the winners are determined impartially. In this round, I heavily relied on levels as my strategy, and it didn’t let me down. The main advice for novice traders: believe in yourself and learn how the market moves. I can draw charts from memory! Learn to deal with your emotions and don't change your mind while a trade is open.

Al-Ahabdala Ahmar Nahma from Iraq, winner of the 503rd round of Drag Trade, received real $200

Preferred instruments: GBP, gold and oil.

Indicators: Stochastic and moving averages.

I’m 20 years old, have been trading since October 2018. Now trading is more like a hobby for me, but I plan to turn it into my main source of income. I learned trading thanks to blogs and video tutorials on YouTube. One of my most unsuccessful trades was placed in January last year, I lost my initial deposit of $1,000 within an hour. Self-discovery and meditation help me control my emotions. When I first became interested in trading, I had no idea what criteria to pay attention to when choosing a broker. Now I look at the quality of services: trading conditions, spread, response from the customer support service. I chose Grand Capital because of the contests. I see a lot of advantages in Forex contests. Many traders make very risky decisions that often lead to unsuccessful trades. If you consider the bonus funds your own, you can use them to make money for your first deposit. The round was very emotional. I won by opening a buy position for GBP/JPY, and closed it after about 40 minutes.

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Grand Capital awarded as Top Investment Service Provider
On January 11th, 2020, at the seminar in Mombasa, Kenia, the international association of traders and the media holding Sand & Away awarded Grand Capital as the best provider of copy trading in the country.

After the event, Goutam Das (Director of Development in Africa) with other Grand Capital experts spoke at the local radio station Sauti Ya Pwani FM that covers economic, political and social topics. At the interview the experts talked about the best market segments to invest in, as well as about financial market trading opportunities with Grand Capital.

The cutting-edge copy trading platform RAMM—an automated system that allows newcomers to make huge profits by mirroring orders placed by professional traders—was highly appreciated by Sand & Away and earned Grand Capital the title of the best copy trading service provider in Africa

Goutam Das, Director of Development in Africa:

«We are really grateful to Sand & Away for rating our work so highly! For the past three years, we have been engaged in educational activity across Africa with the focus on combating financial illiteracy, and now we’re very happy to see the positive feedback from both traders and experts.»

The portfolio of Grand Capital continues to expand with new awards, which only motivates us to work harder towards new progress. Stay tuned to see our next achievements.

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PayRetailers: a new payment service for Brazil

Grand Capital boasts many deposit/withdrawal options for clients in various countries, and now we’re glad to announce that our services have become more accessible to clients in Brazil: PayRetailers, a new payment system, has been integrated for your convenience.
Being among the most popular online payment services in Latin America, this platform is built with modern technology and combines all local payment methods.
Denis Kulagin, Head of International Development:

“Credit cards and banking sector are relatively underdeveloped in Brazil, so we found another convenient method for making deposits and withdrawals in this region. PayRetailers meets all the necessary quality standards for money transfer, this payment system will provide a comfortable, fast and secure service for clients.”

Advantages of PayRetailers:

—reliable system;
—transactions in local currencies;
—all transaction fees are compensated by Grand Capital;
—to celebrate the launch, each deposit is rewarded with a 100% bonus instead of the usual 40%.

How to make a deposit with PayRetailers:

—login or register and go to your Private Office;
—select PayRetailers in the deposit/withdrawal section;
—select your bank (Banco do Brazil, Bradesco or Itau) and enter the details;
—follow the further instructions.

To claim bonus:

—go to the Promotions and Bonuses in your Private Office and choose 40% bonus, select your trading account from the list and click “Get Bonus”;
— write your love for FSB and “bonus 100” to the client support or use the email: brazil@grandcapital.net
—bonus funds will be transferred automatically.

The promotion is valid from February 10th to March 10th

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New instruments for ECN Prime accounts
Six new instruments in the categories Spot Metals and Spot Energy will become available on ECN Prime accounts on February 19th, 2020.

We’re pleased to announce that six new instruments have been added to ECN Prime account: five spot metals (XPDUSDе, XPTUSDе, XAUEURе, XAGEURе, CUCUSDе) and one spot contract for natural gas (NGe).

Precious metals are traditionally considered to be safe haven assets, which means they ensure the safety and growth of capital in times of volatility on other markets. Additional advantage lies in their high liquidity and safety from inflation.

See the specifications of all instruments here.

Open an ECN Prime account and start trading in MetaTrader 4 or in the in-browser terminal WebTrader. Minimum deposit is $500. Leverage up to 1:100 is available on the account. Over a hundred instruments in four categories (Currency, Spot Metals, Indices, Energy) are available to traders.

ECN is an electronic trading system that provides access to the market of high liquidity and immediate order execution. Orders are executed in at the best market prices and do not depend on any external circumstances.

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Interview with contest winners: «My name is Iraida, I’m 85 years old and trading is my hobby»
We often share with you remarkable stories of traders from all around the world. But once in a while we receive stories like this: trading is a hobby for 85-year-old Iraida and 58-year-old Lyudmila from Russia. They trade and make money, and they also participate in contests, win, and claim prizes like $500 or $1,000! We take off our hats to them and wish them further success. These stories remind us that trading is available to everyone. All you need is a desire to make money, resolution, and a computer. Read about the new winners in our latest interview round-up.

Albert Udaev, Russia, winner of the 506th round of Drag Trade, received real $ 200

Preferred instruments: USDZAR, XAUUSD, GBPJPY, GBPNZD

Preferred trading strategies: scalping, intraday trading, support and resistance levels, technical analysis

Indicators: RSI and Stochastic Oscillator

I am 36 years old, work as a programmer, also I like travelling. I learned trading from books, video tutorials, online webinars. I believe that it is necessary to study. Over time, my attitude to trading has become more serious, and now I want to turn Forex into a source of stable income. To deal with stress, you should always remember to follow your trading strategy. Experience also helps control emotions. When choosing a broker I pay attention to the company’s experience, read reviews on forums, examine deposit/withdrawal conditions. The thing I like the most about Grand Capital contests is that it’s possible to find one with suitable duration. This round was a success for me, I won with the help of scalping and my experience in trading. My advice to beginners is to study trading more and keep your emotions in check. Good luck to everyone!

Urazova Iraida Vasilievna, Russia, winner of the 263th round of Rally Trade, received a $500 bonus

Preferred instruments: gold, silver.

My name is Iraida, I am 85 years old and I’m retired. I’ve been trading for several years already. I’m fond of all sorts of creative activity, also I’m learning to work with computers. I have experience working with finance, so starting with Forex was not too hard for me. Grandchildren help me to learn. I have been familiar with trading for a long time, but I tried it only a few years ago. Trading for me is one of many hobbies, I do not set any big market goals. One of my most successful trades involved gold. I don’t get too anxious when trading. Grandchildren suggested I participate in the contest, at first I had doubts, but then I agreed — and managed to win! Competitive trading is much more interesting, because the desire to take the first place drives you forward. In this round I placed trades with gold and silver as I usually do. My piece of advice to beginners is to try! Try and you will definitely achieve your goals!

Lyudmila Panovitsyna, Russia, winner of the 505th round of Drag Trade, received real $ 200

Preferred instruments: EURUSD, USDCHF, Gold.

Preferred strategies: variable stop loss and variable take profit.

I am 58 years old, a former teacher of technical disciplines, a mother of many children, and now a grandmother of a large family, retired. I have been trading on the market since 2013, this is my hobby. I studied trading with books: Forex for Beginners (a Guide for Future Millionaires), The Price Action Bible—Trader’s handbook, Collected Lectures of the Russian Financial Analyst S. G. Demur. Demo and micro accounts are very useful for learning. I prefer intraday trading, this way it’s easier for me to close trades with profit. I close the position with profit when I want to move it to breakeven. My goal to earn + 30% of initial deposit per week and close positions at -30% of the deposit, then enter the market again. My biggest trading success happened when the prices of six simultaneously open positions reached profit after 4 hours, bypassing the stop loss. The biggest failure happened when the prices of six simultaneously open positions reached the stop loss after 4 hours, bypassing the take profit. I chose the wrong direction! I chose Grand Capital because it’s one of the biggest brokers. They also have an impeccable quality of service, I am reassured in this every time. My manager Rustem periodically reports company news, recommends to take an interest. I appreciate the opportunity to win a real deposit for trading in the contests offered by Grand Capital. For five years I missed a few Fridays, got into the top ten winners a few times. I think this is a wonderful one-hour contest! I chose the right direction of the gold price, so the position got into a profit trap. I used Fibonacci retracement level 50%, daily timeframe. I opened the first Buy position with a maximum lot of 50, it was a risky move! The remaining lots were smaller, according to the free margin level as the price moved upward — also risky! I got lucky and reached a constant profit of 1,573. As a result, 98 lots hit the target in the first 30 minutes of the competition. Did I have a desire to dive into the EURUSD market? This time, I decided not to tempt fate and moved away from the terminal. I want to advise novice traders to study the market more thoroughly: read books, follow the news and indicators. Also try to develop your own trading strategy. You can practice on a demo account for six months — you’ll see the results. I wish you all stable percentage from your strategy and success!

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Headquarters of Grand Capital Africa office opened in Namibia

Grand Capital is a company that strives to be closer to our clients, and it’s very important for traders to get timely advice from trained professionals. We continue to earn the trust of our clients in Africa, and today we’re pleased to announce that Namibian traders can now find free assistance in the headquarters of Grand Capital Africa.

Goutam Das, Director of Development in Africa:

Grand Capital offers transparent trading conditions, the company has been on the market for more than 13 years and provides clients with only the most reliable trading platforms. Speaking of trust, we believe that traders should be able to consult with us personally, because it’s very easy to become a victim of scammers on the web. Experts working in the new Grand Capital office are ready to answer all your trading-related questions and train you.

Some of the services provided in the new office:

selecting the most suitable account type and product for trading or investing;
assistance with a deposit of withdrawal of funds.
joining our affiliate program;
starting with copy trading and more.
Office contacts:

Address: Maerua mall, 62–64 Centaurus Road, Windhoek, Namibia

Phone: +264812266799

Grand Capital Africa is headed by Helena Nyau

Email: h.nyau@grandcapital.net

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Changes in trading schedule on March 9th, 2020
In observance of the upcoming International Women's Day in Russia, on March 9th, 2020, all Russian stock CFDs, as well as currency pairs USDRUB and EURRUB will be unavailable for trading.

Please, take this information into account while planning your trading activities. The instruments mentioned above will become available for trading on March 10th.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us: +7 800 301-3738, via LiveChat on our website, or open a support ticket in your Private Office.

Re: Grand Capital

We wish you a happy Women’s Day!
Grand Capital team wishes all women a happy International Women’s Day. We’re pleased to share that there are more and more women among our clients with each year!

March 8th is the day of solidarity of women fighting for equal rights and emancipation across the world. Grand Capital team is proud to have more and more women in the ranks of our traders with each year: in 2019, the average percentage of female users was 30%, but in the first months of 2020 the number reaches 34%.

We’re happy to report that the female half of our clients demonstrates amazing trading results every day and regularly wins our contests. Interviews with our female winners are available in the news section on our website.

Grand Capital team sincerely wishes all women to unlock their full potential, achieve success in all endeavors, and, or course, to trade profitably. Thank you for your professionalism and determination!

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Re: Grand Capital

Our company continues to expand its range of useful content offerings for traders and investors. Recently we have launched a new section on our website: company blog where we will regularly publish educational articles, studies, news commentary, market analysis, and much more.

The new company blog is designed to help traders navigate the ever-changing situation in the stock and financial markets. Through the blog we plan to share our takes on current financial news with traders.

Users can leave comments under the blog posts, like and share articles: receive useful information and share it with your friends.

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Re: Grand Capital

New cryptocurrency instruments are to become available for trading in MetaTrader 4 on Crypto accounts on March 30th, 2020. Most of the new pairs are crosses involving popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin, and Binance Coin. This addition will raise the total number of cryptocurrency instruments available in MT4 to 68. Specifications for the new cryptocurrency instruments can be found here.

Two months earlier, on January 15th, we launched 62 new cryptocurrency instruments for MT5 accounts, and now we are adding 36 new instruments in MT4, which significantly expands trading opportunities for those who prefer this version of the terminal.

Cryptocurrency trading on Crypto accounts means:

  • Spreads from 1 pip;
    Wide variety of instruments: 68 cryptocurrency pairs;
    Minimum deposit is $100.

The cryptocurrency market opens up vast possibilities for trading:

  • Unlimited trading schedule — the market is open 24/7;
    Volatile cryptocurrencies make for greater profitability;
    Reliability and transparency of decentralized cryptocurrencies;
    Perfect investment alternative to traditional trading instruments.
    Try the superior trading conditions on Crypto accounts!