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Grand Capital clients study at the largest educational project Kuvera

Grand Capital partner Frédéric Grillet has joined the international educational project Kuvera.

Kuvera is a platform where any trader can increase their level of financial proficiency, invest, save money and study the market. Kuvera branches are located all over the world. Classes are held by money management specialists.

Prior to founding Kuvera, the company Founder and CEO Ryan Smith became a co-founder of a brokerage firm. Kuvera teachers are highly experienced professionals eager to pass their knowledge to students.

If you want to enroll in one of Kuvera courses, email Frédéric at or give him a call/text at +41 77 228 28 722.

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Download relevant investment portfolios

Dear clients!

We are constantly improving our services to make your work with us more convenient. We are pleased to present our updated Investment Portfolio page.

You can download the latest portfolio for the current month that was developed by our experts based on vast statistical data such as: company reports, current situation on financial markets, informational background etc.

Subscribe to receive relevant investment ideas.

What is more, you can request a custom portfolio made in accordance with your personal requirements. Grand Capital will select assets for you for free. Contact us at and we will help you create an investment portfolio.

What is an investment portfolio?

Investment portfolio is a universal tool that allows to distribute the investments between several objects, diversify your risks and, as a result, achieve higher profitability. The key of success of a portfolio lies in the balance of assets.

Earn with Grand Capital!

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10 times more bets with profit up to 86% for the same money

Dear clients!

We have excellent news for everyone who trades binary options. The minimum deposit on our Binary account is now 10$, which is 5 times lower than before, while the minimum bet went down 10 times and now is only $1.

Thus, much less funds is required now to start trading binary options and receive up to 86% of profit. Moreover, according to the rules of risk management, it’s more sensible for a trader to deposit less while placing more trades.

The changes are already in effect. The new conditions also apply automatically to all clients who had been trading with their Binary accounts at Grand Capital before. Make a deposit and open the Web Terminal to see for yourself how the changes affect the trading results.

Earn more with Grand Capital!

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Grand Capital opens new office in Namibia

We continue to promote financial literacy and expand our presence in regional markets, and in the African region particularly. Recently we hosted a series of educational seminars in Namibia that were met with much enthusiasm from the local trading community. Now we are pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Namibia.

Visit our office in Namibia to receive advice on all our services and products:

The new office is located at: 892 Theo Ben Gurirab Street, Walvis Bay, Namibia.
Working hours: 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM.

Contact our office in Walvis Bay:

Phone: +264813640786, +264812266799
Whatsapp: +79643293668

Welcome to our new office!

Grand Capital team

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Grand Capital becomes the first broker to integrate Serenity Escrow

Dear clients,

Last October we announced the launch of Serenity project, a secure trading platform. It was developed through the efforts of the Serenity team and our tech partner, UpTrader.

According to its founders, the goal of Serenity is to protect traders' funds with smart contracts and to protect traders’ accounts from theft and any other unlawful operations.

Today we are pleased to announce that the first version of Escrow has been launched. Grand Capital became the first broker to adopt the service and make it available for our clients.

Stanislav Vaneev, Grand Capital CEO:

Our company has always striven for transparency in Forex. It’s not a secret that there’s a problem of traders’ distrust in brokers. For a long time attempts were made to solve this problem by legal means, namely, by licensing. However, due to a number of factors, a license is not always a guarantee of quality of services and security of clients’ funds. Now, thanks to the modern technology, this issue can finally be solved globally for the whole market, for companies and traders worldwide. Serenity is a wonderful project driven by young and talented people. Grand Capital became the first broker to start testing Serenity Escrow, which makes trader-broker interaction secure and transparent. The idea of Escrow based on smart contracts was supported by a large number of companies, among them our friends and partners. We believe that all these companies, like us, will cooperate with this young project. After all, most of us share the same values: transparent and honest work.

Advantages of Escrow for traders

Let’s reiterate the advantages of Serenity for traders:

  • It guarantees the security of funds on a trading account. For a deposit or withdrawal operation to be executed, it must be approved by at least two parties, This means that any actions concerning a client’s deposit must be confirmed by the trader, broker or Serenity;

  • Serenity serves as an arbitrator in broker-trader disputes. If the trader thinks that there’s been an unwarranted charge on their account, they submit a claim to Serenity. If the arbitrator rules in the trader’s favor, the broker must satisfy the claim.

How start using Escrow?

You need to:
1. Register on Escrow website;
2. Open a new Standard trading account (please, note that you can’t use your already existing Grand Capital accounts);
3. Make a deposit.

In what currencies can you deposit through Escrow?

Currently, you can trade using Escrow with a Grand Capital Standard account denominated in USD and ETH with Market Execution.

You can deposit to accounts created in Escrow in ETH and TUSD/USDT, the cryptocurrencies anchored to USD. 1 TUSD = 1 USDT =1 USD.

Project recognition

Serenity project was approved by numerous prominent fintech personalities: Dmitry Rannev (founder of AMTS Solutions), Dmitry Orlov (founder and developer of PAMM/RAMM technology), Yulia Mikhalchuk (cryptocurrency attorney, CorpLaw.Pro), Pyotr Tatarnikov (representative of The Financial Commission executive board) and many others.

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Changes in CFD trading conditions

Dear clients!

We’re bringing to your attention that starting from November 5th, 2018, the level of hedged margin for the instruments in the following categories will be 25%: CFD STOCK USA, Russian STOCK, CFD CURRENCIES, CFD INDICES, CFD SOFTS, CFD ENERGIES, CFD MEATS, CFD GRAINS, CFD BONDS.

Please, take this information into account when planning your trading activity. If you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us at or via LiveChat on our website. Our client support will be always glad to help you!

Grand Capital team

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Trading CRYPTO СCY instruments on November 3rd

On November 3rd, 2018, the instruments of CRYPTO CCY category will be unavailable for trading due to scheduled maintenance from 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM (server time). After the maintenance is over, trading will be resumed as usual.

Please, take this information into account when planning your trading activities.

If you have any questions, contact us by email: or via LiveChat on our website. Our employees will be always glad to help you.

Grand Capital

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Changes in trading schedule on November 5th

Dear clients!

Due to celebration of Unity Day in Russia on November 5th, some changes will be introduced to the trading schedule.

Please, take this information into account when planning your trading activity.

If you have any questions, please, contact us by email: or via LiveChat on our website. Our support will be glad to help you!

Grand Capital team

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Changes in trading conditions for AUDDKK, AUDSGD and instruments with Instant Execution

Dear clients!

Please, note that from November 5th, 2018, you will not be able to open new trades with the following instruments: AUDDKK, AUDSGD, AUDCHF_IE, AUDDKK_IE, AUDSGD_IE , CADCHF_IE, CHFSGD_IE, EURCHF_IE, EURHKD_IE, EURNOK_IE, EURNZD_IE, EURSEK_IE, EURSGD_IE, EURZAR_IE, GBPAUD_IE, GBPCAD_IE, GBPCHF_IE, GBPDKK_IE, GBPNOK_IE, GBPNZD_IE, GBPSEK_IE, GBPSGD_IE, NZDCAD_IE, NZDCHF_IE, NZDJPY_IE, NZDSGD_IE, USDDKK_IE, USDHKD_IE, USDMXN_IE, USDNOK_IE, USDSEK_IE, USDSGD_IE, USDZAR_IE. Starting from that date, you will have the opportunity to close the positions that are already open within two weeks. November 19th 2018, all open trades involving the instruments listed above will be force closed.

Please, take this information into account when planning your trading activity. If you have any questions, contact us at or via LiveChat on our website. Our employees will be always glad to help you!

Grand Capital team

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Grand Capital Summit Took Place in Montenegro

On October 22nd–24th, the first ever on-site Grand Capital Summit took place in Budva, Montenegro. The heads of Grand Capital’s Russian regional offices participated in the event, as well as managers and the company’s CEO, Stanislav Vaneev.

The main focus of the summit was on teambuilding workshops, speeches made by the heads of regional offices, presentation of new projects, knowledge interchange and also discussion of hot issues at round-table meetings.

Stanislav Vaneev, Grand Capital CEO, addressed the participants with an introductory speech and wished them fruitful work. The speech was followed by reports in which the speakers shared their professional secrets and plans, they told about their promotion methods, work with CRM, compliance, motivation of employees, launch of new services, development in new regions and many other topics. The event was concluded with a banquet, so that the participants could socialize in an informal manner.

As of today, Grand Capital provides services for about 400,000 clients around the world and works with over 4,000 web partners. More than 30 regional offices of Grand Capital operate around the world. It’s very important for our company that each regional office is upholding the same standards of quality and ethics in relation to employees and clients. The Summit gave all participants a chance to get together and feel as a team working toward the same goals. This was the first Grand Capital Summit, but we plan to make it an annual event.

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Become a speaker at Grand Capital Financial Business Expo, a major trading event in Africa

Our company invites speakers to participate in Grand Capital Financial Business Expo. Our events provide the opportunity to earn a reputation in the business world and address large audiences for free.

Have you always wanted to be a financial coach? The time is ripe to make your first step!

To fit our criteria, you must:

Grand Capital Financial Business Expo will take place on March 2nd in Windhoek, Namibia and on March 9th in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What topics are discussed at Grand Capital events?

  • What is Forex trading and what trading instruments are there;

  • What strategies are used for Forex trading;

  • What kind of income you can receive from trading.

Grand Capital is an international broker with branches in 9 countries of the world. Over half a million clients trade with us. Our events take place in major cities of Europe, Asia and Africa, while our business activities are widely covered by the media. We offer our speakers to address a large audience of motivated listeners. Grand Capital Financial Business Expo is expected to attract over 3,000 visitors.

We’re ready to consider your candidacy. If you want to speak before an audience, submit an application to our investment advisor Goutam Das using any convenient contact means:
Phone: +7 (812) 389-66-79
Whatsapp: +79643293668
Telegram: @gdasgc

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Winner of 236th round of Drag Trade: I’m happy to have become a trader

Read the interviews of Drag Trade and Rally Trade winners in our latest round-up.

Hosni Nour from Tunisia, the winner of the 453rd round of Drag Trade, received real $200

I’m 29, my hobbies are Forex trading and sports. I prefer trading EUR/USD, GBP/USD/ USD/JPY, USD/ZAR, I use scalping and technical analysis. My goal is to start earning my living by trading. My most successful trade ever was my victory in this contest. When trading, I’m able to overcome anxiety thanks to my confidence and patience. I like Grand Capital contests because they are held weekly. Also, the company offers low spreads and many simple, convenient deposit and withdrawal methods.

Khan Junaid, Pakistan, the winner of the 236th round of Rally Trade, received $500 no-deposit bonus

I like trading USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY. I’m constantly adjusting my trading style according to current market trends. Especially at the start of a new trading quarter. Among Grand Capital contests I prefer Rally Trade, because I like the prizes. This was a great round. At first, I thought I wasn’t going to win because there were many strong opponents. However, I opened several really good positions and shot ahead! Following the trend is a good habit, it’s a sure way to success. Becoming a trader requires time, you have to be patient and cool-headed. All in all, you don’t need any special skills to become a Forex trader. You only need to be calm and invest only a part of your income. Never put all your money into it. Before placing each trade I set Take Profit and Stop Loss and never risk my money outside of these levels. Before entering the market, I always examine its daily behavior. I still haven’t achieved what I want in trading. I’ve had both many failures and very profitable trades. I’m happy to have become a trader.

Register for the next round of our trading contests right now.

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Grand Capital on Telegram

We are glad to inform you that Grand Capital now has its own Telegram channel, where you can quickly and easily get up-to-date information on the foreign exchange market.

Follow our channel to receive important trading and economic news daily. Remember that keeping your hand on the market’s pulse is one of the main components of the modern trader’s success, and it can have a significant impact on your trading results.

Additionally, you’ll find free detailed technical analyses with charts provided by our experts.

On Mondays, we’ll share with you the essential economic news and events for the current trading week, only the latest and most important information for the traders will be included in our weekly overview. It will be based on the past and current indicators and contain predictions for the future market behavior. The overview will help you  monitor the releases of statistics of the world’s largest economies: the US, the UK, Japan, European Union, etc.

Thanks to the new format, you can read our channel at any time convenient for you and use this data to improve your strategy and make independent decisions.

Join our official Telegram channel!

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Economist Namibia dedicated an article to Goutam Das, investment advisor at Grand Capital

The Economist Namibia published an article about Goutam Das, an investment advisor at Grand Capital and independent financial expert. The Economist Namibia is a media outlet that covers important economic and financial news in the region and announces upcoming financial events. The article deals with the upcoming Grand Capital Business Expo that is to be held on March 2nd, 2019, and centers on Goutam Das, the event’s head speaker. Goutam has been working on European, Asian and African financial markets for a long time as a Forex trader, trading trainer and a host of numerous educational seminars.
Only this spring as many as four trading-themed events with Goutam as the main speaker will take place in Africa. We invite everyone to his educational seminar in Nigeria on February 2nd, 2019 and to the Grand Capital Financial Business Expo in Namibia on March 2nd, 2019.

Follow the announcements of our events on the website.

Goutam Das, investment advisor at Grand Capital:

“A lot of people doubt they can really earn in financial markets. But I’ve been a trader for a long time, and from my own experience I can say that everything depends on your motivation. At Grand Capital seminars, I will speak in detail on how to gain financial independence and start getting high income from Forex trading with your knowledge and initial capital of any amount.”

Read the full article about Goutam Das on the Economist Namibia website.

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Buy Money Booster trading robots at 90% off

Grand Capital in collaboration with the trading robot developer Money Booster is launching a promotion. The company creates modern and effective EAs with advanced risk management system that allow to make the process of trading fully automated.

Money Booster trading robots’ settings can be adjusted to suit a specific account type and leverage and provide a high standard of security. While under development, Money Booster trading robots were tested on Grand Capital accounts, which means that they are a perfect match with our system and will demonstrate top performance.

Only until February 28th, Grand Capital clients have a unique opportunity to purchase Money Booster trading robots at a special price of $50 instead of $500.

You will also get:
• continual tech support;
• user friendly PDF guide for installation and set-up of EAs.

To participate in the promotion:
1. if you’re already a client of Grand Capital, make sure that you have a Micro account and your balance is at least $600, or open a new Micro account and deposit at least $600;
2. submit a request for a trading robot on Money Booster website;
3. install the trading robot following the provided instructions;
4. watch your EA trade for you!

Still have questions? Contact us:

The company is not responsible for the trading results of EAs.

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Interview with contest winners: my most effective trades are those done in accordance with my strategy

We asked the winners of Drag Trade to share with us what instruments and strategies help them earn profit from Forex trades. Read their answers in our latest round-up.

Abdelkader Toubal, Algiers, the winner of the 455th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

Trading experience: 5 years
Preferred instruments: major currency pairs, gold, and oil
Trading strategy: scalping
Indicators: Moving Averages, MACD

I’m 40, I own a small car business. I have always been attracted to the financial industry, but I never imagined you could trade in Forex in the comfort of your home. After a period of education, I started trading. My goal is to become a professional trader, receive a decent income to change my life and country.

My most effective trades are those done thoroughly in accordance with my trading strategy. It’s not even important whether they are profitable or losing, it’s important to develop your strategy further and make it work in the end. Usually I’m very emotional, however, when it comes to trading, I try to get a grip on myself. Classical music helps me with this. If I feel like I’m too anxious and can’t trade, I get on my bike and ride somewhere. When I was choosing a broker, I looked through online rankings, compared deposit and withdrawal methods. I started trading with Grand Capital because of the many opportunities that they offer: Crypto and Swap Free trading accounts, lots of deposit and withdrawal options, bonuses and contests. Among the contests, I like Drag Trade and Rally Trade most of all, while Future Trade is a bit too difficult for me. This round was quite hard. First, I lost the profit from my first trade, though I was one step away from winning, then I had to close the second trade, but I still won. My piece of advice for beginners is to work with honest brokers, like Grand Capital, keep to one strategy, keep on learning and discover something new every day. 

Mahtab Yar, Pakistan, the winner of the 456tgh round of Drag Trade, received real $200

Trading experience: 5 years
Preferred trading instruments: CFD
Trading strategy: fundamental analysis
Indicators: Bollinger bands

My name is Mahtab Yar, I’m 28 and I’m a tourism agent. Forex trading is my passion. I studied websites of brokers, checked their news and watched webinars to learn more about trading. I want to earn enough money through trading to start my own tourism business. Every trade with stop loss which resulted in profit is a successful trade, while an unsuccessful trade means that I forgot to set up the orders. My trading style is quite measured. Every time something goes wrong and I can’t handle the emotions, I simply stop trading and don’t return to the market until I feel the trend. I like brokers with good tech support and fast deposit. I decided to take part in a Grand Capital contest because I had read a lot of positive reviews about it. My main advantage in the competition was my knowledge of trends, as well as some USD rate spikes thanks to which I managed to make a profit and win the contest. I recommend newcomers to enter good positions, study the market, practice constantly and use small investments at first.

Sign up for the next round of a trading contest right now!

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Maintenance on Grand Capital website on February 12th

Due to planned maintenance on our website, from 3:00 AM to 4:00 PM (GMT) on February 12th, temporary malfunctions are expected in the operation of Private Office (it may be completely unavailable).

Please, take this information into account when planning your trading activity. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our client support by email or via LiveChat on our website.

We apologize for any possible inconvenience.

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Grand Capital recognized as the fastest developing broker in Nigeria on 27 of June

Grand Capital was awarded as the fastest growing broker in Nigeria by popular local radio station Star FM. At the award ceremony, our head office was represented by Goutam Das, Director of Development in Africa at Grand Capital.
Our company has been an active presence in the region. In just a one year, Grand Capital opened four new offices, two in Lagos, one in Port Harcourt and one in Ife. The increasing demand for our services inspired us to improve our trading conditions, in 2019 we added two new payment options that allow making deposits and withdrawing funds in Nigerian nairas. All of this is available for our traders right now. Furthermore, we regularly hold educational events in the region: trading and investing seminars, webinars, expos.
If you’re interested in online trading, visit our office in your city and start learning. See contacts.
Goutam Das, Director of Development in Africa:
“We wholeheartedly thank Star FM for appreciating the activity of Grand Capital so highly. We are honored to receive this award. In our work, we always prioritize the needs of our clients, and we hope to continue living up to their trust.”

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Interview with contest winners: Make mistakes and analyze them. Only then you’ll understand how to trade properly  on June 27th
Most of our traders are self-taught. Before starting to trade, they had to absorb a lot of information. But they kept going towards their goal, thinking of their failures as of useful experience that would help them in the future. And this is exactly what happened. Read the stories of our contest winners in our latest interview round-up.
Andriy Leontiev, Ukraine, winner of the 248th round of Rally Trade, received a no-deposit bonus of $500
Preferred instruments: gold and oil
Preferred indicators: Fibonacci grid
My name is Andriy, I’m 44 and I work as a security guard. My hobbies are trading and gardening. I got into trading about a year ago thanks to professional forums and webinars. At first, I set small goals for myself: for example, to take the first place in a contest. Now I want to become an account manager and earn consistent income, so that trading becomes and alternative to a regular job. My day begins with reading news and fundamental analyses, then analyses of charts, I learn what happened to the markets, then I set up Stop orders and go out to the garden. Gardening is my way of dealing with emotions. I picked Grand Capital because of their great contests and positive reviews. I tried not to look at the other contest participants’ rating before the finish so I didn’t get nervous. It helped me win. When I’m calm, my trades are well thought out. Beginners should choose a strategy that suits them: scalping, middle term of long term; analyze trades and never stop working on them.
Andriy Dralyuk, Ukraine, winner of the 76th round of Futures Trade, received a no-deposit bonus to $1,000
Preferred instruments: GBPJPY, GBPCAD, GBPNZD, USDZAR, FDAX
Preferred trading strategies: long term trading, scalping
Preferred indicators: Moving Averages, Fibonacci Retracement
My name is Andriy, I’m a business owner. My hobbies include guitar, athletics and, of course, trading. I learned trading myself, by the method of trial and error, read a lot of analytics on the websites of investing companies, followed the market, drew parallels and made conclusions. Right now my goal is simple: start getting 1,000% of profit monthly. If I make it, it would be a great success. My worst trade involved buying pounds. It was just before the Brexit referendum. I thought it was the best time to buy GBP and lost about a thousand pips in a day, my balance hit zero. Since then I’ve been using Stop Loss and carefully choose volume of a trade. Generally I’m not prone to excessive worrying, but meditation helps me control my emotions. When choosing a broker, I pay attention to rating. Grand Capital has a pretty good rating. As for the contests organized by Grand Capital, I like available trading instruments, quick rounds and transparent rules. Nothing needs improving so far.
The struggle was pretty intense in this round. On Thursday, I understood that I was getting behind and started trading FDAX index because it was highly liquid and temporarily volatile. Thanks to this, I managed to take the first place.
My piece of advice to novice traders is not to give up. You’ll have drawdowns, as well as failures. Make mistakes and analyze them. Only then you’ll understand how to trade properly. Don’t be afraid of failures, they are a part of victory.

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New Grand Capital office opens in Nigeria on June 28th
On June 28th, a new office of Grand Capital was opened in Lagos, Nigeria. The opening ceremony was attended by the regional branch’s representatives, as well as Goutam Das, Director of Development in Africa at Grand Capital.
This is the fourth office in the country. Others are located in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Ife.
Visit the new office to:
Receive trading education;
Get assistance in depositing and withdrawing funds;
Learn to work with trading platforms MT4, MT5;
Start with copy trading (LAMM or RAMM);
Learn about Grand Capital’s partnership program.
Office hours: Mn–Fr 9:00 AM–6:00 PM.
Address: 256 Ikorodu Rd, Obanikoro, Lagos. Nigeria.
phone and WhatsAapp: +234 803 610 6460; +234 803 610 6460; +7 964 329 36 68;
We’ll be glad to see you at the new office!

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Grand Capital team met with traders from Tanzania on July 4th
On July 22nd, Grand Capital held a seminar in Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam. It was attended by over 60 traders.
Services offered by Grand Capital are growing in demand in this country. The meeting allowed us to get to know our customers better, to learn their needs and their perspective on online trading. Goutam Das, our Director of Development in Africa, was the main speaker at the event. He told traders what opportunities are opened by modern investment services and what trading instruments are the most promising right now.
Goutam Das, Director of Development in Africa:
“The seminar allowed us to receive feedback from traders who joined our company only recently and to get to know their expectations. Grand Capital has not been long in Tanzania, so such meetings are always very productive and help us improve the quality of services for the region.”
We often hold educational seminars and expos in Tanzania and other African coutries. Follow the news on our website and don’t miss the next event.

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Interview with contest winners: "All trades are worthwhile, some bring you money, others bring experience" on July 9th
Success is a relative notion. Someone would be discouraged by failure and stop acting entirely, but others would find new opportunities in a complex situation. Great illustration of this statement is the story of our contestant from Pakistan. We invite you to read our interview with him and other contest winners.
Kukuh Setiadi, Indonesia, winner of 477th round of Drag Trade, received real $200
’m 43, I own a business. I’ve been trading almost 6 years, learned from various courses and seminars, practiced on a demo account and contests. I want to become an investment manager in the future. I avoid worrying too much thanks to my self-confidence, experience and caution when making decisions. When choosing a broker, I pay attention to the following criteria: spread, execution speed, trading conditions. Drag Trade is a pretty exhausting contest, because it lasts only one hour and traders have to use all opportunities they get to win. My recommendation to novice traders is to learn from your own experience, feel free to ask about anything they don’t understand, be persistent.
Kasandra Vranic, Serbia, winner of 249th round of Rally Trade, received $500 no-deposit bonus
I’m 25, I’m a college student, I study construction. I’m interested in physics, math, music. I’ve been trading for about a year. My future goal is to provide for my self with trading. My dog helps me relieve stress, hugging it restores my strength. My choice of broker is based on many criteria: integrity, reviews, spreads and swaps, instruments, trading conditions, available deposit and withdrawal options, fees. I chose Grand Capital because I was satisfied with everything I mentioned, and also I like the contests very much. They are great! I like to feel the thrill of competition, every trader can show what they are capable of and the winner is determined by experience, not luck. The round that I won was very captivating! I started off quite well, chose a volatile instrument and guessed the direction of the price movement correctly. Last few hours were very intense because I was ahead only by a small margin. I was very happy when it all ended in my favor! If I were to give a piece of advice to beginners, I’d suggest practicing on demo accounts until you’re sure you understand how everything works. When you feel confident, go for the real account. Always have a trading plan prepared!
Jamal Jan, Pakistan, winner of the 578th round of Drag Trade, received real $200
My name is Jamal Jan, I’m 32. I like cricket and social networks, and Forex is my passion. My cousins taught me trading, they are professionals. I want to earn enough to buy my own house, and it’s going well so far! I’ve been trading for 2 years, stated with gold, then moved on to currencies and energies. But gold still remains my favorite instrument. I use EAs and carefully examine volumes of currency pairs. If the volumes are huge, I see the trend. I think that all trades are worthwhile, some bring you money, others bring experience. My most memorable trade involved GBP/JPY, my profit reached 1,000 pips. To be honest, initially I chose Grand Capital because of the contests, but started trading here them because I liked them so much. Beginners should first study a lot, then try trading with small investments to test their strategies.

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The 9th of July
Grand Capital awarded as the best ECN broker in Africa
CIO East Africa, a media outlet focusing on business and technology, presented Grand Capital with the award “Best ECN Broker in Africa”.
CIO East Africa is a major media in the field of IT and telecommunications. The website features interviews, news, various fintech and IT-related materials. Having appreciated the implementation of trading technology on our ECN Prime account, order execution and operation of the trading terminal, CIO decided to award Grand Capital as the best ECN broker in Africa.
Goutam Das, Director of Development in Africa:
“We sincerely thank CIO for this award. We always have in mind the interests and needs of our clients in everything we do. We hope to continue improving our services and living up to their trust, as well as to the title of the Best ECN Broker in Africa.”
On behalf of our company, the award was received by our Director of Development in Africa Goutam Das and the regional representative of Grand Capital John Wanjohi.
ECN Prime provides access to the market of high liquidity and immediate order execution. Orders are executed in accordance with the best market quotes and not depending on any external circumstances. ECN Prime is a professional trading account, which means large volumes, orders within spread and unlimited number of liquidity providers.

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The 16th of July
First Grand Capital office in Brazil

This business week has started off with great news for our traders in South America. We’re glad to announce that a new Grand Capital office opened on July 11th, 2019 in Imbituba, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
This office with a stunning view of the Atlantic coast has everything necessary to receive clients and conduct business meetings.
Come to our new office to receive:
—advice on capital management, improve your financial literacy and learn more about online trading;
—assistance in using automated trading systems and EAs.
Our new office will offer consultation services to both new and existing clients of Grand Capital. Furthermore, our experts will help you open a trading account, deposit and withdraw funds, they will tell you about legal and fiscal aspects of Forex, about bonuses and special offers of Grand Capital.
Address: Avenida Dr. João Rimsa, n° 785 — Sala 812, Centro, Imbituba, Santa Catarina, Brasil.
Phone: +55 48 99158 3331
See you in our new office!

Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital bertemu manajer RAMM masa depan di Amsterdam
Pada 8 Juli, perwakilan Grand Capital bertemu manajer akun investasi di Amsterdam. Mereka berbicara tentang kolaborasi masa depan dan pengoperasian RAMM sebagai bagian dari aktivitas perusahaan kami. Para manajer dari Inggris, AS dan Belanda ikut serta dalam pertemuan tersebut. Acara ini menghasilkan delapan pedagang profesional yang bergabung dengan perusahaan kami, mereka berencana untuk mulai membagikan strategi perdagangan mereka dengan investor segera.
Kami mengingatkan anda bahwa Grand Capital memperkenalkan platform copy trading inovatif RAMM pada Juni 2019. Di antara kelebihannya dibandingkan platform generasi sebelumnya adalah pengaturannya yang fleksibel. Mereka memungkinkan untuk meningkatkan efektivitas strategi perdagangan dan kualitas perdagangan.
Anda dapat melihat daftar semua strategi perdagangan dan memilih yang terbaik di bagian RAMM di situs web kami.