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Grand Capital is an award winning international Forex Broker with offices in Europe and Asia. It was founded back in 2006 which puts us among the oldest international brokerage firms. To ensure safe and secure trading environment, Grand Capital has joined international Financial Commission, a neutral mediator serving online Forex industry and open to traders from any country.

Grand Capital provides traders with a wide range of financial services which include:

Binary Options (MT4 and Web-Trader)
LAMM investment
and more

What makes us different

We are constantly working on creating unique investment services that would provide our clients with the most convenient trading conditions:

Payback  - Real money paid to those who trade with a Standard account for every day of trading continuously.

Express Options - a unique Binary Options service that allows you to earn up to 444% profit from a single trade!

Demo contests - We have 3 types of demo contests that suit different trading strategies. Monthly prize fund is $10 000!

Promotions and bonuses

We are constantly updating the list of our bonuses and promotions. +40% Forex deposit bonus*, $500 no-deposit bonus* and Whole day of risk-free trading* are among the most popular options among traders from all over the world.

Learn more on our website!

*Terms and Conditions apply

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0% WebMoney deposit fees

Dear Clients!
We have news for everyone who loves great deals! We have cancelled the WebMoney fees for deposits of any amount. The offer is valid until the 31st of September.

The offer is valid:
· for all types of accounts;
· for all countries;
· any number of times;
· and for any deposit amount.

We want to remind you that WebMoney transfers are fast, easy and safe. And with 0% fees they are also profitable!

Therefore, until the end of September we recommend to use this deposit method. All the information on terms and conditions of the promotion is available from our managers. You can contact us using the support form in your Member’s Area, by phone (+7 (812) 389-66-79) or by email (

Trade with Grand Capital! We always try to provide you with the best offers!

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Payza payment system with 0% commission has been introduced at Grand Capital!

Dear clients!

Once again we’ve improved our Deposit/Withdrawal section by adding Payza payment system, which is available in 197 countries and especially popular in the Middle East. To help you get used to the new payment option, till 1st of November 2016 Grand Capital will compensate both deposit and withdrawal commission which is normally charged by Payza.

You can deposit to your Payza account in four currencies – EUR, USD, CHF and GBP.
To make a deposit using Payza payment system go to your Private Office, choose the account your wish to deposit to, enter the amount and click Transfer Funds button. You will then be redirected to Payza website where you need to long in (or sign up) and pay the ticket.

You can review other deposit options by going to the Deposit/Withdrawal section of our website.

Payza is an international payment system. The company’s history started in 2012 upon the merger of the two big market players AlterPay and a UK-based Pillars Ltd., which allowed to greatly increase the system’s functionality and the number of services offered to clients. Today Payza operates in 197 countries with the worldwide number of users estimated at 9 million.

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team

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0% deposit commission for all clients introduced to celebrate Grand Capital anniversary

Dear clients!

This fall Grand Capital is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

On this occasion we would like to thank all our clients for choosing us as your broker. Grand Capital will keep doing everything possible to repay the given trust. There are many more great achievements to come for us in the future.

And of course, a special occasion requires special presents.

Until 1st of December 2016 Grand Captial will be compensating deposit commissions to all clients. During this period you can use any deposit method with no extra charges – we will take care of all the additional expenses.

Attention! The promotion is not valid for Bank transfers and the following payment systems: Contact, Colibri, Western Union, Money Gramm and Korona.

You can deposit to your account in your Private office by choosing the most convenient payment option.

Let’s conquer new heights together!

Follow our news and updates – there are many more presents to come.

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team.

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"Profitable trading system is no pie - you can't just walk into a store and take it from the shelf"

In a brief interview the newest winner of Drag Trade contest Alexey Baulov from Tumen shared his thoughts on the main side to a profitable trading system as well as his winning tactics.

Alexey, tell us about yourself: what is your education, how long have you been trading on Forex and how did you start?

I am an engineer and have been trading on Forex for over 4 years. It all started when I found out that one of my friends really got into trading. I must confess, I was pretty sceptical about all this Forex thing at that time, but my friend is far from being stupid and I thought, - "why don't I at least see for myself what it really is before making any judgements?" At first I was trading on several demo accounts and even participated in some demo contests, but without any luck. My real trading expecience started with my first Micro account, but I quicky shifted to a Standard one. My friend has already dropped Forex, but I never did and am pretty happy about it.

Tell us about your trading strategy. How did you learn about it?

My strategy is based on Fibonacci retracement and Elliott Wave Principle. I can tell you an exact source I learnt it from. It is more about my experience of ups and downs, trying many things. Even now I keep improving the system based on the market mood.

What trading strategy do you consider the most successful?

Based on my experience, which has helped me to grow from a losing gambler to a trader to whom Forex is a serious source of income, I can tell that there is no (or may be I've just never encountered it) 100% profitable strategy, which you can take from a shelf in a convenience store like a pie. You can develop an understanding of a market and transform it to an algorithm (mathematical equation). This algorithm will become our main trading system which will become better and better with time, continue its evolution.

For the contest you chose GBPUSD pair. What was the reason behind that?

My strategy suits three currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPuSD and AUDUSD. I chose only one pair because I like to focus on only one thing.

What do you think was your success factor?

I was increasing the volume when I saw the trend coming. There's no phsycology in a demo contest, to you can experiment all you want. I don't compete with anyone when I trade on a real account, because in the real world, everyone who earns profit is a winner there.

What would you recommend to those who have yet to participate in Grand Capital contests?

Never stop learning and remember that there is no strategy that will give you 100% result.

Good luck to everyone!

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Grand Capital weekly recap (August 29th – September 2nd)

Do you sometimes wonder how other Grand Capital traders do and would like to compare your results? Today we are introducing a news section that will give you this opportunity. Every week we will be publishing a recap of the past week’s most profitable trades, highest deposit growth and largest trading volumes.
Here is our recap of the last week:

The most active client of the week:

Placed 655 trades, including 396 profitable ones and 259 with a loss. The client traded the following assets: GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF.

Maximum deposit growth

In one week on a single account was + $32290,61.

The most profitable trade of last week

Resulted in a profit of +$6396,00. The trade was opened on 26th of August at 6:37PM and closed on 31st of August at 3:28PM.

Here’s the list of the most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders of Grand Capital:

  • FGBL – Euro Bund future. Traded on EUREX

  • NG – Natural Gas futures. Mainly traded on NYMEX in New York.

  • ZC CORN – Corn futures. Traded on CBOT exchange in Chicago.

  • #AXP – “American Express” corporation. Among its most famous products are credit cards and travel cheques. Company’s headquarters located in New York.

  • #SURGUT – Surgutneftegaz. One of the biggest oil companies in Russia.

Earn with Grand Capital!

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Grand Capital seminar in South Africa

Grand Capital keeps conquering new markets. Specialists of our regional office organised and held an open seminar dedicated to trading on financial markets in Mpumalanga provice in South Africa.

The seminar took place on the 7th of September and lasted from 9AM to 8PM. It was attended by more than 200 people, including novices and experienced traders. The seminar was dedicated to Grand Capital brokerage service. Our representatives introduced Grand Capital trading conditions, account types and MetaTrader4. The attendees were particulary interested in LAMM investment service as well as company's promotions and bonuses.

Grand Capital will contine entering new regions. In the nearest future we plan to hold a workshop in Nigeria and launch trading cources in India.

Follow our news not to miss important updates!

Yours truly,
Grand Capital.

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Binary Options payout rates increased by 20%

Celebrating our 10th anniversary, we continue to give out amazing bonuses and promotions all our clients can benefit from.

This time we've got great news for Binary Options traders.

Starting from 12th of September 2016 Grand Capital Options payout rates for American style Options have been increased and now reach 85%. It means that each successful trade will bring you 20% more profit.

American Style options offer early closure feature which allows to secure your profit. Minimum expiration time is 1 minute, maximum is 2 days.

To make your trading even more profitable, take advantage of our “Day of risk-free trading” promotion which allows you to receive a compensation for any unsuccessful trading day of the month. The promotion is valid for Option account type.

We also remind you that until 1st of December Grand Capital compensates deposit and withdrawal commissions for any amount. The list of the payment options avaialble can be reviewed here.

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team.

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Grand Capital weekly recap (September 5th – September 9th)

We continue to publish a recap of the past week’s most profitable trades, highest deposit growth and largest trading volumes. Read and compare your trading results with others.

Here's the recap of the past week:

The most active client

Placed 1136 trades, including 699 profitable ones and 437 that resulted in a loss.

Highest deposit growth

In one week a single account growth was $41683,29.

The most profitable trade

Resulted in a profit of +$23683,29. The trade was opened on 31st of August at 2:56PM and closed on 6th of September at 10:07AM.

Here’s the list of the most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders last week:

  • #KC – Coffee futures. Traded on ICE in New York City, NY from 12.30PM till 11:00PM UTC+3;

  • #LBS – Lumber futures. Traded on CME in Chicago, IL from 6:00PM till 10:05PM UTC+3;

  • #AEX – AEX is a stock index which comprises the major Netherlands companies, traded on Euronext stock exchange;

  • #GF FEEDER CATTLE – Feeder cattle index futures. It is a deliverable futures contract for 50,000lbs of cattle (feeder calves), ticker GF (25K). Delivery months are January, March, April, May, August, September, October and November. The price is cents per pound. Traded on CME. Minimal tick: $0,025 = $12,50;

  • #EBAY. eBay is an online platform providing consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales services. The company was founded in 1995, and is headquartered in San Jose, CA.

Earn with Grand Capital!

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Grand Capital opens new office in South Africa

Dear clients!

Grand capital keeps conquering new markets. In September 2016 we started working actively in Africa. Recently Grand Capital held a one-day seminar dedicated to trading on financial markets that was attended by more than 200 people. We continue to move towards our clients and now we open a new office in Republic of South Africa.

Anatoly Glezeris, affiliate programs manager:
«In terms of prospects, Africa is a very promising area, especially RSA. Today it is Africa’s leading economy and it’s rapidly growing. The demand for financial services is high among the population. Moreover, many South African clients are experienced traders, they have a clear idea of what conditions and services they need. That’s why the wide range of financial instruments provided by Grand Capital, including precious metals CFD, MT4 Binary Options and various deposit/withdrawal methods has sparked interest among the traders. We expect there will be high demand for our company’s services in this country».

Come and visit us at: Financial Square, Mandela St., Witbank Central Emalahleni 1035, South Africa.

Open: 09:00AM to 06:00PM

You may contact our RSA representative, Thembokuhle Innocent by phone: +27 78 501-27-94, +27 71 097-99-90, or by email:

Services provided by the branch office:

  • Consultation on our services;

  • Advice on choosing an account type and opening an account;

  • Advice on deposit and withdrawal;

  • Training in Forex, CFD and Binary Options trading;

  • Participation in our bonus programs and promotions.

Welcome to the new office of Grand Capital!

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Winners of Trader Stories Contest announced

Dear clients!

During past month we've held a creative contest called "Trader Stories Contest" in our official Facebook page. The task was to submit a short story portraying life of a trader based on personal experience.

We would like to thank all the participants and now it is time to announce our winners:

  • 1st place was awarded to Dave Zubi for the "My Forex Adventure" story, where he shared his challengies, losses and wins on his way to becoming an experienced trader. Prize: $1000.

  • 2nd place goes to Adigun Oluwaseun for his touching story, where he stated that true trading knowledge takes "Time, Tears and Blood". Prize: $500.

  • 3rd place is shared by two short stories by Kabelo Paris Kompi and David Ogbonda. Each of them will be awarded $150.

We congratulate our winners and wish them successful trading.

More great Grand Capital contests are to come in the nearest future. Follow our news not to miss your chance to become our next winner!

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team.

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Grand Capital weekly recap (September 12th – September 16th)

The hottest and latest numbers of the past trading week: the most profitable trade, the most active client with a surprising proportion between profitable and losing trades and the highest deposit growth. Read and compare your results with others!

Here’s the recap of the last week:

The most active client

Placed 1641 trades, including 1560 profitable and just 81 that resulted in a loss.

Highest deposit growth

In one week on a single account: +$46411,96.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$7893,34. The trade was opened on 2nd of September at 4:13PM and closed on 13th of September at 5:40PM.

The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:

  • #PL - Platinum futures. Ticker: PL, NYMEX (CME Globex). Trading time: CME Globex – round the clock, break 5:15pm-6:00pm NYT;

  • #ZO OATS - Oat futures. Traded on Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) which is a brand of Chicago Stock Exchange. Ticker – ZO;

  • #HO - Heating oil futures. Traded on the following exchanges: CME Globex, CME ClearPort, Open Outcry (New York);

  • #Ford - American automaker. It is third in the US and forth in Europe based on the car manufacturing volume.

  • #AEROFLOT - Largest airline in Russia and one of the biggest airlines in Eastern Europe. Aeroflot is a member of Sky Team global alliance, which includes such companies as Alitalia, Delta, KLM, Saudia, China Airlines, Korean Air and others. Ticker on Moscow Stock Exchange is AFLT.

Earn with Grand Capital!

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Our Facebook prediction contest is back!

Dear clients!

After a long break we are resuming our traditional Prediction contest that once was so popular among our Facebook fans.

From 21st to 29th of September we will be following the gold troy ounce quote. In order to win you need to predict the price in USD as it will be on 30th of September at the trades end.

The deadline for your comments is 8:00 PM (GMT+3), 29th of September.

The rules of the contest are quite simple:

  1. Like our official Facebook page.

  2. Usually in the beginning of the week we ask the participants to predict the price a certain asset will reach in several days.

  3. Contestants comment the contest post with their predictions. The prediction must be a specific number (e.g. 3,14159).  Only one comment a day from a single participant is accepted.

  4. The contestant that gave the closest prediction wins. If two or more participants give same winning numbers, the person who posted the comment first will be proclaimed the winner.

  5. The winner is awarded with $50 on their trading account.

You can read more on the contest rules here.

Join the contest to test your luck!

Earn easily with Grand Capital!

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Grand Capital is among the top best brokers

Grand Capital has joined the leaders in IAFT (International Association of Forex Traders) rating, by gaining +22 points due to August trading volume figures.

Stanislav Vaneev, Grand Capital CEO:
«Everything is going as planned, so the growth was expected, but it’s pleasant nonetheless. For the last two years the company is actively developing our affiliate programs as well as various services for our clients, making a foray into South-Eastern Asia and Midlle Eastern markets - this activity is already showing good results. Apart from that, in 2016 Grand Capital is celebrating its 10th anniversary and our team came up with a number of promotions and bonuses that are highly popular and receive positive feedback from our clients."

IAFT monthly rating is based on brokers’ performance as well as clients’ feedback. According to IAFT, Grand Capital consistently takes top positions in Binary Options broker rating. In the last month’s rating Grand Capital was able to enter the top-15 best brokers.
We thank our clients for their trust!

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team

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Scalping is the safest strategy. Interview with Nusrettin Ceylan, who won $200 in Drag Trade Contest

We've heard many news from Turkey during the past summer, including many political events wich had negative effects on markets: Turkish lira fell, along with Turkish stock market. The winner of tour 333 of Drag Trade contest - a student from Turkey, despite a busy schedule, took some time to tell us why he prefers international brokers to local ones. 

Trading as science

I am a student of Ege University. For me, trading is more of a hobby which sometimes results in additional income. However, I always try to find enough time to educate myself. Unfortunately, I couldn't find fellow traders among my friends, so I have to do it on my own. I watch educating videos, participate in webinars, read books on Forex, study analytics. In other words, I use any chance I have to learn more about trading. I used the very same approach in the contest.

I chose Grand Capital as it is one of the biggest brokers

My top-5 favorite currencies are: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, XAUUSD, and USDTRY. As per strategies, I am quite loyal to scalping as it is comparatively safe and gives you some space for maneuvers. I intentionally choose foreign brokers. The thing is that Turkish brokers don't yet offer as many services and opportunities as international companies. For example, the highest leverage here is 1:25. In Grand Capital I’ve used 1:500 (editor's note - for a Standard account the maximum leverage is 1:2000). I chose Grand Capital because it is one of the biggest brokers. That was also the reason for my participation in Drag Trade contest. As per the things I would change - I would really like to see Turkish language support.

Re: Grand Capital

Anyone can earn on Forex. Interview with Vitaly Kurgaev, the winner of $500 in Rally Trade contest.

A life of a trader is always a series of ups and downs which change as fast as asset quotes. Vitaly Durgaev, the winner of round 176 of Rally Trade contest told us why he loves trading and what it takes to become a professional trader.

Trading provides you with unlimited possibilities

Although I majored in accounting, I work as a craft metal founder. My first trading experience happened back in 2000. I deposited $200 and got lucky - I managed to earn $2000 right away. Then a typical mistake of any starting trader followed - no stop losses. As a result I spent the next week watching yen fall, eating my deposit. I love trading because it gives you unlimited possibilities. It's just someone likes gambling and some prefer to use their brains and go to Forex. I think that anyone can be a trader now. If to think about it - there is nothing extraordinary here. No matter where you are, all you need is to place a trade is your smartphone. It is even simpler than to set an alarm clock. But to be a successful trader... It is a totally different thing. For that you will need self-discipline, a good trading strategy and a fair deposit amount. That is why I've never thought of trading as a main source of income. It is, indeed, hard to work in 24/5 mode.

Choose highly volatile assets and follow the news

Sometimes I really lack patience to trade as a professional. I am in a constant search of a trading strategy that would provide stable results. Any strategy needs to be constantly optimized, because it may bring profit when trading one asset and lead to a loss when a different one chosen. In the contest I traded the most volatile assets at that time - GBPNZD and GBPJPY and carefully followed the news. Here's my advice to all novices: learn the contest rules and click the Register button! When the contest is about to end, start monitoring the rating. Sometimes there are just a couple of pips that separate the winner and a loser.

Good luck to everyone!

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Grand Capital weekly recap (September 19th – September 23rd)

Meet the hottest and latest numbers of the past trading week. Read, compare your trading week with results shown by other traders and aim for the best with Grand Capital!

Here's the recap of the past trading week:

The most active client

Placed 1111 trades, including 1043 profitable and 68 that resulted in a loss.

Highest deposit growth

In one week on a single account was + $17155,20.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$6200,00. The trade lasted for 31 minutes: it was opened on the 20th of September at 5:56PM, closed – 20th of September at 6:27PM.

The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:

  • #SB – Sugar futures. Is traded on ICE (New York). The volume of futures sugar contract is standard and equals 112 000 pounds;

  • #NQ – Futures on mini-contract for NASDAQ-100. It is traded on CME – Globex. NASDAQ – represents shares of high-tech companies (electronics, software, etc.);

  • #GC – Gold futures. Traded on Eurex. Contract volume: 100 troy ounces (approx 3,11 kg);

  • #CT – Cotton futures. Traded on ICE. The contract volume is 50 000 ounds (approx 22,68 ton);

  • #MAGNIT – a leading food retailer in Russia. MAGNIT chain consists of 13 021 retail stores. Company's revenue for 2015 was 950 613,34 mln RUB.

Earn with Grand Capital!

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Grand Capital headquarters moved to a new office

Modern infrastructure is a major aspect for any company. That is why to assure comfortable environment for both employees and clients, Grand Capital moved to a new spacious office, which is located in walking distance from "Moskovkie Vorota" subway station: Moskovsky prospect, building 105, 3rd floor.

Stanislav Vaneev, CEO Grand Capital:

«Grand Capital has undergone a lot of changes over the past two years. Our staff has expanded, some processes have been improved, new services have been introduced. This move is just one more step in the company's development. I am glad that the 10th anniversary of Grand Capital will be celebrated in a brand new office».

In the office you can:

  • Receive a consultation on all the services offered;

  • Learn how to trade on financial markets by taking free courses;

  • Learn technical and fundamental analysis;

  • Learn trading CFD futures and stocks as well as Binary Options under a supervision of one of our financial advisors.

Welcome to our new office!

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Grand Capital weekly recap (September 26th – September 30th)

The last week of September turned out to be quite productive for clients of Grand Capital. Learn about the past week’s most profitable trades and highest deposit growth in our weekly recap section!

Here’s the recap of the last week:

The most active client:

Placed 1295 trades, including 1243 пprofitable ones and 52 that resulted in a loss.

Highest deposit growth

In one week on a single account was +$9644,85.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$6800,00. The trade was opened on the 26th of September at 12:28PM and closed on the 26th of September at 12:36PM.

The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:

  • # 6B – GBP/USD futures contract. Its ticker on Globex – 6B. The contract is sized at 62 500 pounds with minimum price fluctuation of  — 0,0001$ for 1 pound or 6,25$ per 1 contract;

  • # RY – EUR/YEN futures contract. The trading volume is thousands of contracts a day. The contract is sized at 125 000 euro;

  • # XRB – Gasoline futures contract, which is traded on NYMEX.

  • # DIS – The Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest mass media and entertainment conglomerate. The company is in Dow Jones index.

  • # ROSTEL – Rostelekom is one of the largest telecom companies in Russia and the World.

Earn with Grand Capital!

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BNI and Mandiri payment options are now available for clients in Indonesia

We are thrilled to announce that Grand Capital has implemented two new deposit/withdrawal methods – BNI and Mandiri bank. It means that our clients in Indonesia can now use all the payment options popular in their country which are BNI, BCA, Mandiri and Fasapay.

All payment options are available for both deposit and withdrawal.

Deposits through BNI, BCA and Mandiri are available only in IDR, Fasapay – in IDR and USD.

Minimum deposit amount in IDR is as follows:

  • 131.064 IDR for Micro accounts;

  • 1.310.640 IDR for Standard accounts;

  • 13.106.400 IDR for ECN accounts.

To make a deposit:

  1. Go to Deposit/Withdrawal section and choose the most convenient payment option.

  2. In your Personal account choose the account you wish to deposit to and set the deposit amount.

  3. You will be redirected to the payment system page. Follow the given instructions.

  4. The funds will be deposited within 24 hours.

Please be aware that a fee many be charged by the payment system/bank used.

Other payment options offered in Grand Capital are available here.

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team

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NR Exchanger is now available to our clients in India

Dear clients!

We invite you to visit the office of our official partner in India - NR Exchanger, where you can manage all the transations related to your trading account.

Deposits in Indian rupees are carried out in a matter of minutes, the best exchange rates are offered. What's more, NR representatives can help you with opening an account and trading process, as well as provide you with trading signals.

Address: India, Uttar Pradesh, Noida, d122 block 31 Janta flat Mahadev appartment sector 73.

Phone numbers: +919058367479, +918923989657.

Whatsapp: +919058367479

Yours truly,
Grand Capital team

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Grand Capital weekly recap (October 3rd - October 7th)

The first week of October was quite stable for Grand Capital clients. The numbers didn't break any records, but were, indeed, stable. Follow the best results of the past trading week in our traditional news section.

Here's the recap of the last week:

The most active client

Placed 5436 trades, including 4801 profitable ones and 635 that resulted in a loss.

Maximum deposit growth

In one week on a single trading account was $13452,42.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$4900,00. The trade was opened on the 26th of September at 11:17AM and closed on the 3rd of October at 7:17PM.

The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:

  • # ZS – soybean futures, one of the oldest and most popular futures contracts. It is traded on Chicago commodity exchange, as well as on Globex;

  • # YM – mini Dow Jones futures contract. It is traded on CBOT (Chicago), as well as electronic trading platform eCBOT;

  • # FESX – DJ EURO STOXX 50 futures contract. Traded on EUREX;

  • # JNJ – American company Johnson & Johnson, a major prducer of cosmetics, sanitary products and medical equipment. The company is in the Fortune 1000;

  • # MCD – McDonald’s Corporation. American corporation which had been the largest fast food chain till 2010.

Earn with Grand Capital!

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Trading is a lot like life. Interview with Sergey Novikov, the winner of $500 in Rally Trade contest.

It’s human nature to draw comparisons: juxtapose facts and look for parallels between certain events. Sergey Novikov, the winner of round 177 of Rally Trade believes that trading, like life, grants a multitude of opportunities. The important thing is how you use them.

Make use of opportunities reasonably

I started trading Forex relatively recently, although I’d heard of it before. My primary occupation is my household, and in my spare time I’m getting “drawn” into the realm of financial markets little by little. Like any other business, trading has its pros and cons. If handled properly, trading, like life, provides virtually unlimited prospects and a myriad of opportunities. But you should use those opportunities reasonably, and with proper risk management. For example, extensive market analysis appeals to me, so I concentrate on it.

I didn’t win the contest on the first try

I usually look through charts to get new trading ideas. In fact, I choose trading instruments based on whether I like their charts. Right now I’m only getting to know various brokers. So far I’m satisfied with Grand Capital in all respects, I hold a favorable opinion of the company, everything’s right and proper. I decided to participate in Rally Trade because it was interesting to try my hand in trading in nearly real-life conditions. I didn’t win the contest on the first try, my success is the result of several attempts and to a large extent I owe my victory to luck. I still don’t consider myself a professional, I’m yet to learn a lot about trading and I’m ready to do that.

Re: Grand Capital

Trading with the others’ ideas means don’t have your own ones. Interview with Denis Traube, Drag Trade contest winner.

It is often thought that it’s better to invent something new and unique than to borrow ideas. But usually such claims are only good in theory, but in practice something conventional turns out to be way more effective and reliable. That’s why newbie traders, who worry about losing their money, prefer to copy and borrow trading ideas. Denis Traube, the winner of round 335 of Drag Trade contest, has developed over the years his own vision of trading. He put it to practice, perfected it and turned into nothing short of a philosophical doctrine. In this interview Denis told us how to search for your own individual method and why you should always question your own actions.

Denis, tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do?

I’d been pursuing more than a dozen lines of work, mainly construction, metalworking and other kinds of assembly activities. But for a long time now I’ve been handicapped and unemployed, and I have no desire of advancing my “professional career” any further.

How did you get into trading? Does trading bring you stable income?

I’ve been trading since about 2004, but there were long breaks and occasionally I lost interest in trading due to lack of ideas. Trading doesn’t bring stable income. I prefer to think of myself as a theorist trader. A researcher. And up to a certain time I was satisfied solely with game thrill, like playing chess.

Let’s imagine an ideal trader. What qualities do they possess?

Attentiveness and patience. Concentration and a lack of urge for thoughtless imitation. Everybody talks about discipline, but I think it’s overrated. You should be constantly questioning your decisions instead.

Let’s discuss the most common mistakes of trading novices. Have you managed to avoid them?

I’m a self-taught trader. When I was starting to trade I skipped through the guidebooks, but they didn’t answer my questions. I found the answers to some of them later, but not near to all of them. I made assumptions and hypotheses, put them to practice and eliminated anything useless. I tried to reach understanding of the “understanding” itself, so to say. Now I use only my own express methods and try not to pay attention to the blabbing about yesterday’s news. Yesterday’s news isn’t worth much. It’s only me and the display of my computer. There’s no other way. There’s merely a short list of persons, whose trading methods I share. Trading with the others’ ideas means don’t have your own ones. Do you want to acquire a prospect of your own brainwork’s degradation under the influence of someone else’s forecasts? It’s not the best way of keeping afloat even in trading-related activities. You come into trading to become independent, but you become dependent on someone else’s views? Sure way to stay in those proverbial 95% and not get anywhere.

What trading instruments do you prefer?

Chiefly it’s highly volatile cross currency pairs. I don’t use majors that often nowadays, only with a nice setup, to get an aesthetic enjoyment from an accurately calculated reversal.

What do you pay attention to when choosing a broker?

Responsiveness and quality of service. Quotations variability range. Broker’s history on the market and the reviews, both invited and honestly earned. Information space requires transparency and fair play. If you don’t realize that, you lose customers and eventually crash, that applies to any business.

Why did you decide to participate in Grand Capital contest?

Because I like Grand Capital contests. I take part in them regularly and I see that the leaderboards are inhabited by actual trading behemoths, I mean it in a good way, they are highly trained and have a deep understanding of market dynamics. You have to wrestle your way to the victory one step at a time, with persistence and sheer stubbornness. Phycologists say that “boys need to compete”. So we compete. And for that we owe you an eternal gratitude.

And finally, what advice can you give to beginners?

Everyone looks at the same chart and everything is in plain view: price, time and quadrature. Never give up. If you’re tired, take a rest and charge again, and then everything will surely work out in the end. And throw all your indicators away! If the price reflects everything, why do you need those crutches?

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Re: Grand Capital

Grand Capital weekly recap (October 10th – October 14th)

$28 278,75 was earned by one of Grand Capital clients last week. Not bad, right? Read about other fascinating facts of the past trading week in our weekly news section. Follow the best!

Here's the recap of the past week:

The most active client

Placed 1195 trades, including 759 profitable ones and 436 that resulted in a loss.

Maximum deposit growth

In one week on a single trading account was $28 278,75.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$3381,00. The trade lasted for more than two months: it was opened on 10th of August at 12:12PM and closed on 12th of October at 03:20AM.

The list of the most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:

  • # TF – Russell 2000 mini futures. Traded on ICE in London;

  • # DX – US Dollar index futures. Traded on ICE electronic platform;

  • # OJ – Orange joice futures contract, traded on ICE (New York). The contract volume is standard and equals 15 000 pounds (about 6,9 ton);

  • # YANDEX – A Russian transnational company that owns Yandex search engine, web portals and services in a number of countries.

  • # APPLE – An American corporation, manufacturer of computers and tablets, portable music players, mobile phones, software. As of 11th January 2016, Apple market capitalization was $537 bln.

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