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Topic: New language: italian

Hi. I have introduce, in FSB, a new language. It's Italian language. I post .xml file with beta translation. Software house can now upgrade software with new language.

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Re: New language: italian

Now I can post  new beta version for italian language just baked few minutes later. It's with more translated words and periods and prhases.
Have a nice night!

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Re: New language: italian

When in Italy are 2.06 a.m. and the people Zzzz... and the silence wraps my room, I can add new beta version of .xml file for italian language. For moment this is ultimate. Good night from Naples.

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Re: New language: italian

For all and in particular for italian user, a new beta version. In finally version a grammatical revision required. Supervisor wanted! smile

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Re: New language: italian

Most recent beta version. For this time that's all.

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Re: New language: italian

Farzana... What's your contribute here? Are you ok? No cannabis please...  Brother... Brother... I'm very happy... Ih Ih Ih!! Uahh Uahh Uahh! :D

Ok. Now we can return on italian translation file. Here I add a new version. This is 97% italian translate version of tools and phrases and words of FSB.
Now the italian users can post suggestions, corrections, and they complete my work.
For me that's all.

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Re: New language: italian

Thank you Sombrero. I will add italian translation to main distribution for the next release.

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Added to project.

Older versions of the Italian translation deleted from upper posts.