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Forex Strategy Trader

Forex Strategy Trader is not supported any more. We provide it's newer and better successor: Forex Strategy Builder Professional. The new program includes all features from the legacy one.

Why automatic trading?

Forex markets are active 24 hours but you are not. Sometimes good opportunities and setups arise in the middle of the night. Luckily computers don’t have to sleep or go to work. Once you set up your trading rules, the software will follow them as long as the market is open.

Trading strategy with FST

Get rid of personal bias.

Algorithms do not have personal views. Their trading decisions are based on a predefined logic. When used correctly, automatic trading takes the stress out of investing decisions and helps you focus on the bottom line.

Instant execution of complex strategies.

Day traders know that speed is important on the market. Price movements can be very rapid and unexpected. Algorithms make split second decisions and can massively improve the timing of a trading strategy.

Indicators on a forex chart

Add a layer of safety to your trading.

Forex Strategy Trader functions through a specially designed expert advisor that keeps track of positions without stop-loss orders. There is also a built-in account defense that allows you to set a minimal amount that halts all trading activities and exits the market.

Why is the software free?

Forex Strategy Builder and Forex Strategy Trader are free for download and use. They are also “open source” because anyone is allowed to see the source code – which you can imagine is like the script of a movie. With many experts helping for free, mistakes get spotted and fixed quickly. That’s the whole point – by being open to all, everyone benefits from better software.