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Topic: Adding a Currency Pair Symbol Suffix

Forex broker IG.com in the U.S. uses a suffix added to currency pairs i.e. EURUSD.FX.  The normal way to create EA's with FSB would be to use the brokers data.  Unfortunately, the data history is extremely limited to the point there is insufficient history for FSB to use to create EA's with sufficient lookback period.  Further, the data history cannot be increased by using the HOME key as is normally done.  This limitation of data history leads to needing to use Premium Data.  However, there is a problem as the premium Data does not have an option to add the .FX suffix.  The only way I know to use EA's created with FSB with this broker is to modify the MQL code.  To do this it is necessary to open the MT4 Editor and click on Edit/Replace tab and replace EURUSD with EURUSD.FX.  While this works it is an unpleasant task to do every time a new EA is created.

What is needed is a way to add a suffix to a symbol using FSB and even EA Studio.

Re: Adding a Currency Pair Symbol Suffix

The exported Expert Advisors do not use the symbol of the market you used in FSB Pro.
The experts trade on the chart you attach them.

You only need a symbol name if you specify it in an indicator to create multi-currency exerts.
It would help if you created new symbols with suffixes in such a case.
Then, you need to copy the necessary files from the "FSB Demo Data" folder. For example, you can copy EURUSD30.csv to EURUSD.FX30.csv.