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Do the robots close positions automatically, or do positions go on in perpetuity until manually closed? I've used EA Studio on and off, and I find the robots have good entry strategies but minimal exit strategies. Sometimes the position will stay open for more than a week. If I don't use SL/TP (I usually don't), then do I have to wait for an acceptable profit and close the position myself?

Making big profits by leaving positions open is fine with me, but some of the positions seem to be against the trend, and therefore can have significant negative equity. I'm not keen on Martingale-type strategies, so this is somewhat distressing - particularly since I will be starting with a small account and trading my way up.

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I'm experimenting with using the Alligator as a preset exit strategy. I think if this works satisfactorily it will have resolved the issue.

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The strategies close the positions automatically. You can see that on the indicator chart of EA Studio.

If you want more frequent trades, you can use a higher number of the "Count of trades" in the Acceptance Criteria.

> I'm experimenting with using the Alligator as a preset exit strategy.

If you don't have a very special reason to use it, it is better to leave the Generator to choose the most appropriate indicators for the particular market.

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Thanks Popov. I appreciate your willingness to help on this forum. Using the Alligator as an exit strategy has supercharged many of my strategies, though, adding hundreds of dollars a day in some cases. I'll stick with it.

EDIT: The Alligator works very well on XAUUSD, but not so well with currencies. That's very odd.