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Topic: How can I not enter short positions

i have made a simple strategy with an opening logic condition :"commodity channel index indicator when CCI cross the (-100) level line upward" and i just want to have BUY positions,but there are a lot of SELL positions in the results.
How can I not enter sales positions?
Please help me.

Re: How can I not enter short positions

FSB Pro (as well as EA Studio) makes symmetrical strategies by default and is reccomended.
That is.

The program sets "opposite" or "mirrored" trading rules for the short positions automatically.

This is done by purpose to make the strategies more robust when the trend changes.

You may examine the exact trading rules in the Strategy Overview page.

However, it is possible to overcome this default behaviour.
You can do it by adding the "Long or Short" indicator and setting it "Open long positions only".
It will effectively prevent short entries.


Re: How can I not enter short positions

Thank you very much for your prompt and complete response Mr.Popov