Topic: FSB and FFC indicator

I'm wondering if the Builder Professional has ability to add custom indicator such as FFC (which is an indicator that show news event from Forex Factory), then the Builder allow to build the EA with option such as to set EA to trade on news (true/false), minutes to avoid before news, minute to avoid after news, allowing trades on high/medium/low impact news etc.... as I attached the screenshot for your preference.

I also attach the FFC indicator to show news event that will be able to use with the EA.
Please let me know. Thanks

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Re: FSB and FFC indicator

This makes sense only in experts. In FSB it can have a meaning in M1 timeframe, there are no "minutes" from M5 to W1, considering this I'm afraid for backtest this indi shows little practical value.

Re: FSB and FFC indicator

The value of an indicator is it's capacity to show a pattern to evaluate risk , therefore this indicator has no practical value in technical trading.
In addition trading on news is an 80% probability of losing anyway.
In 30 years I do not know anybody that makes consistent money on news , on the contrary 80^ consistently lose money.
I agree with photon.
Stick to technical's only, I think will be better of.