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Topic: Collection Capacity

Dear Popov,

I tried to send you a PM more than a week ago but I just checked and it's not been delivered for some reason. Oops.

Was wondering, do you think it might be possible to add in 500 (and perhaps even 1000 or 2000) as an option in the dropdown on collection capacity from the settings screen?

I see currently the maximum is 300 - which is a great improvement for me, since I am creating core strategies and often build up libraries of 50,000 or more individual strats. Increasing the size a bit more would help me to let it run more in the background.

I have been testing the 300 option alot and this continues to work really well so I wouldn't pushing my processor a bit more ...

What do you think?


Re: Collection Capacity

Hi - any update at all? Thanks.

Re: Collection Capacity

We think 300 strategies are more than enough for normal use of EA Studio.

Re: Collection Capacity


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Re: Collection Capacity

Popov wrote:

We think 300 strategies are more than enough for normal use of EA Studio.

Can you please enable the Portfolio have up to the same max as the collection.

If I have 300 in my collection, please allow users to export the Portfolio Experts with these 300 EA because currently when I press add all to the Portfolio, it seems like not 300 Ea are added, only 100-136 (I removed all acceptance criteria to test these out so that I make sure it's not due to some acceptance criteria issues)