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Topic: Day of Week Exit MQL Request


Following on from footon’s post:
(Custom indicator coding service - https://forexsb.com/forum/topic/4269/cu … g-service/)

I was wondering if I could pay one of the developers to convert the C# to MQL code of the “Day of Week Exit” indicator available at: https://forexsb.com/repository/reposito … -week-exit

I consider myself a novice but after doing some digging around it looks like there is a few similar indicators, like Day Closing, Day Closing 2, Week Closing, Week Closing 2, but after trying a few different combinations and getting different results for my EA’s I think it will be most beneficial for me to pay to have the original code converted, as without the MQL code I can't trade the strategies I have created.

Many thanks in advance.

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I'll do this one for free. I can't give you a date though, when I'm able to have this done (in the middle of hectic times).

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Thank you footon, that is very much appreciated.

Yeah sure that's understandable, I guess whenever you do find time to do it I would be grateful if you could let me know and if it did turn out to be a lengthy process converting the code then I am more than willing to pay a fee.

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Long wait? smile Find the mqh in the repo. Report any errors, but only those, which happen during live trading, the tester is useless.

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Not at all, much quicker than I thought xD thanks a lot footon xD

I will put several EAs on a demo account so will keep you updated how it goes, I should know by the end of next week for definite smile

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There is a multiple amount of indicators ( 20 or so)lacking the MQH code  which make them useless  for the actual creation of EA's.

I wonder if there is any project form Popov to complete this part of coding since is beneficial for the actual FSB capabilities to do its job: witch is the creation of EA.

Thank you Footon for the code. !!!