Topic: OSS-Acceptance Criteria?

Hi everybody,

As we know, the EA Studio has the acceptance criteria option and we can basically divide it in three parts.

1. In Sample
2. Out of Sample
3. Backtest.

I like to only put a.c parameters for the In Sample part, and maybe i could add a ¨minimum of count of trades¨ for the Backtest part, but thats it for me, because i think that if we put any values of acceptance criteria in the OSS part the strategy will try to fulfill that criteria and i will be only getting curved fitting EAs, because it will try to do whatever it takes.. if you know what i mean.

The idea of only putting values on the IS part, is to see how the EA would trade without it being modified in the OSS, so basically thats my idea, but im not sure at all.

I tried to find answers on Hannah's topic, but is not that clear to me.

Does anyone knows, if adding a.c in the OSS part, will make the ea keep creating itself through that data, or it just works as a filter or it doesn’t matter what we modify, the ea just creates itself on the In Sample data.