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Topic: Lock Reverse for Generating

Hi, I'm not lazy but I couldn't spend hours to see if this was answered somewhere else. I would like a way to lock reverse so I could keep as setting when Generating Strategies. Also, If I want to upgrade my Machine how to I Migrate my License to other Machine. Thanks. Greg

Re: Lock Reverse for Generating

What do you mean by lock reverse?

You have 3 options for the whole pre-selected/developed strategy or pre-selected indicators: lock, link, unlock. By default the slots are unlocked, locking means everything stays the same, linking means that indicator parameters can be changed by the generator.

A little read here => https://forexsb.com/wiki/fsbpro_guide/s … gy_toolbar
And a illustrating pic attached.

Read about migrating license here => https://forexsb.com/wiki/fsbpro_guide/l … er_license
If you run into problems with it, send a pm or mail directly to the developer Mr. Popov.

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