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I am trying to extract data from different charts such as EURUSD and the maximum number of bars I get is 100k. I did change that number when I placed the script on chart and still get 100k maximum. Can you help me?


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It must work as expected.

Anyway, you can set the maximum count of bars to be exported in the script code.

You can modify the script easily:

1. Please open the script in the MT editor by right-clicking on it and selecting "Modify"
2. Change the number 100000 to 200000 on line 9 (or 15 depending on the format). It must look like that:
       static input int    Maximum_Bars = 200000; // Maximum count of bars
3. Click the "Compile" button at the MetaEditor.
4. Export your data.

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I did try that, all seemed to go fine (modify, change to 200000, save, compile) but still I only get 100.000. I am testing on a EURUSD since 2011 just to be sure there are more than 100k bars.

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Here are the prints

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This is not the original script form EA Studio. It may have changes that prevent the exporting of more data.

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Yes, something was wrong with the script. I downloaded a new one and it worked. Now I am uploading 200k into EAS, it says it uploaded but when I go to the generator, it shows only 100k

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Ah, ok. I saw the limit in data

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hi mr Popov
i have tried you suggestion and it does help but it doesnt come close to the 100000 bar import that it did before