Topic: website back-end rewritten from scratch

Hello Traders,

The main website has a new foundation. It took me a surprisingly long time to make it as good as I wanted.

The purpose of this endeavour was to make it much easier to be expanded with new tools. Yes, it's correct. I'm planning 4 new tools that will contribute to a more complete trading lifecycle and better user experience.

Now, when the website is ready and works well for three days already, I may continue with the current tasks.

My goal for the next days is:
- to check about 350 emails (and to answer to some of them)
- to check an issue reported by GeekTrader for a strategy that has backtest discrepancy.
- to check why the EA Studio's Monte Carlo hangs out when we set Randomize 100% of the market data. (don't try that at home)
- to take care of some administrative tasks.

Anyway, I'm completely happy because I dug deep in the server's programming and learned amazing new things.

I try to do the foundation of the products in a way to ensure decades of interruptive work.

Re: website back-end rewritten from scratch

Wow, I bet that took a while to do.

There seems to be a ton of work to do just keeping things current, let alone making modifications.

Website maintenance is most important considering all that you have included and how much people need support.

I am sure that I speak for all in wanting to thank you for your persistence in delivering a top-notch product and service.