Topic: How Much Computational Horsepower?

I am thinking about building a computer just for running FSB Pro. Is there an optimal processor that I should consider (Intel, AMD)? Is there an optimal number of processor cores/threads? How much RAM? Is there a point of diminishing returns (i.e., more cores/threads/RAM do not really increase overall speed)?

Can FSB Pro run natively on Linux without virtual machine?

Has anyone out there tried optimizing a computer for the FSB Pro code?

Re: How Much Computational Horsepower?

FSB Pro is a native Windows software. FSB pro is not running on Linux. I have lately tested it with new version of Wine.

But you can use Metatrader on Linux with Wine. All the exported strategies will also work.

Re: How Much Computational Horsepower?

1st) Every modern computer will serve you well for FSB Pro. I personally prefer Intel processors with as high frequency as we can afford. 8 GB of RAM will be enough. You can always add more if you need it.

FSB Pro works on Windows with .NET 4.0+.

If you only need speed, EA Studio under Chrome is faster. Surprisingly enough, JavaScript in the latest versions of Chrome is faster than C#.

2nd) The computer, FSB Pro and EA Studio are not the most important thing for a successful algo-trading. You need a great amount of dedication, patience and disciple to improve your results. FSB Pro is only a tool.

Re: How Much Computational Horsepower?

In my experience, if I run exported strategies on Metatrader then the latency of the network link is very important. It is recommended to run strategies on VPS/Cloud or have a very good internet connection in terms of latency.

Second thing is a reliability broker with no dealing desk execution.

I am quite satisified with ordinary CPU to generate strategies.

Re: How Much Computational Horsepower?

Thank you for your thoughts! In essence my interpretation of the comments is that I should spend my money on actual FX trading using one/some of the multitude of strategies FSB Pro develops rather than waiting for FSB Pro to find the "perfect" strategy.

I have been an licensed FSB Pro user for about 6 months now and have spent more time with the software than I have with my wife (she is not happy). I have learned a lot but feel that I have a long way to go. Yes, Miroslav you are correct, dedication and patience is what is needed.