Topic: Risk / reward ratio criteria

Hello friends again

I was wondering if there are any Risk/reward ratio in the Ea Studio?

Example 1:1 / risk 10$ to win 10$ which criteria should i focus on then?

Thanks guys!

Re: Risk / reward ratio criteria

There was a discussion a while back, I am pretty sure that Popov has that on his 'to do 'list

Re: Risk / reward ratio criteria

Thanks Blaiserboy for the response, would love to hear from Popov if he have some update about this

Re: Risk / reward ratio criteria

He has this and a gazillion other things that he is working to deliver.

The difficulty he has is that he has to make sure all things work together and in a proper sequence job-wise.

He would be unable to give a date if that is what you expect.

Re: Risk / reward ratio criteria

Nonono, i'm not demanding a date at all.

I really appreciate the work from Popov and how much effort he put into his software to make it very professional. (Thanks Popov!)

And i know that he as a ton of other things to do with EA studio and FSB, reason why i wanted to hear from Popov was because i wanted to hear if this is someting he prioritize or not at the moment. (like this can be the least thing he will implement on the wish list)