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Hey guys,
I have created a few EAs yesterday (my first day testing the builder) and I came up with something that looked quite solid as it seem to work well across 6 pairs. Anyway, I downloaded the EA and tried to run a backtest on my Tick Data Suite but the result was a 100% losses lol. I am sure I must be doing something wrong but not quite sure what it is. I used IC Markets live for the generator and my MT4 is GMT+2 if this can help.

Any thought would be appreciated.


Re: Tick Data Suite v2 Backtest

Without showing the strategy in EA Studio (JSON file) and the resulting MQ4 that fails, it will be hard to help you. I don´t have the problem of non-matching backtests between EA Studio and TDS, but that doesn´t help you at all I guess, so more details are needed :-)

Re: Tick Data Suite v2 Backtest

Falangaa welcome to the community!

The exported EAs from EA Studio must be rock solid in MT and you are right to search for a solution for every  discrepancy.
The first question I ask in such case is are you sure you are using the absolutely same data in EA Studio as in the MT test.
If the data is same and you still have discrepancies, we must search on other place.

Please check the data in the EA Studio  report and charts and compare them with MT. If they are same, please post your strategy.

Re: Tick Data Suite v2 Backtest

thank you guys