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Topic: How can I import Tick Data? All my attempts failed.


all my attempts to import tick data into FSB failed.

I've tried to import it via JForex, did not work, FSB always said that no data was found.

I've tried different settings with Tickstory (did also try some instructions in this forum) did not work either.

Has anyone sucessfully imported tickdata (via Tickstory would be best) and can help me?

I'd really appreciate it.

Best regards

Re: How can I import Tick Data? All my attempts failed.

FSB do not support tick data. However if needed it goes down to M1 timeframe to resolve ambiguous bar situations, so it is pretty much accurate, and no real tick data needed, unless you want some M1 scalper in the same bars... Hope it helps.

Re: How can I import Tick Data? All my attempts failed.


yes that helps.

Thanks for the clarification.

Re: How can I import Tick Data? All my attempts failed.

FSB Pro must be able to import tick data from JForex.

Please follow this instructions:  https://forexsb.com/wiki/fsbpro_guide/jforex_import
If you see any problems, please report. We will try to solve the case.

Please note that FSB Pro has an advanced backtesting algorithm that doesn't require tick data. I made the import possible because there are people that think that the only way to buy a Maserati for two months is to have 20 years tick data in the tester. Ohh, the same people want machine learning and genetic algorithms.  Fortunately FSB pro has these also under the cover.

Anyway, FSB Pro and EA Studio are designed to work on bar data at the same way as the Tesla cars are designed to work on electricity. The tick data doesn't help. The best is to have strategies without Ambiguous bars. And yes, it was probably  a mistake to make FSB Pro showing these because no other platform do that.

Re: How can I import Tick Data? All my attempts failed.


I really don't want to bother you with that. I know tick data is not important for the software.

I just wanted to give it a try.
I'd prefer to import the data via Tickstory cause I'd have adjustable timezone etc..

I'll reply soon how it goes.

Best reagards

Does anyone have the right settings for Tickstory to create the .bin file right away?

Re: How can I import Tick Data? All my attempts failed.

Lagoons wrote:

Does anyone have the right settings for Tickstory to create the .bin file right away?

Stepping up to the podium...

I understand my response will come across as rude -- but it is not intended to be personal.  It's just hard to repeatedly read posts like this.

Not only did Popov personally answer your question, he also gave you a strong clue.  That is -- don't worry about using tick data because there is no advantage.

Yet -- you still choose to spend time trying to figure-out how to use tick data.  I really don't get it.  Forex is already difficult and challenging -- we all agree on that.  But why is it that people will still choose to wrestle with the software when (a) it doesn't support a particular feature, and/or (b) the feature doesn't make any difference.

Your time is worth something, right?  Why in the world would you voluntarily spend time on something like this instead of focusing on strategies and trading?  Actually, I know the answer -- I apologize if this doesn't apply to you, but it does for many.  By wrestling with the software and focusing on peripheral issues you get to avoid real trading.  Real trading is scary because you could lose money.  On the other hand, wrestling with peripheral issues is safe and, after a few hours, you feel a sense of accomplishment because you figured-out how to do something (even though it's irrelevant).

Of course, everyone is free to take their own path.  I have no problem with that.  But the only way to succeed is to learn the lessons that come from trading a real account.  I'm hoping if only one person gets that message and opens their eyes to all the things we do to avoid trading -- which is to our detriment -- then it was worth the time to write this.

Again -- I apologize if this sounds offending, that's not my intention.  I want people to succeed.  I'm not good at expressing myself in "politically-correct" language.

Stepping down from the podium..

Re: How can I import Tick Data? All my attempts failed.

No problem.

You are right.

I tried it out of curiosity if it would work and was I was maybe a bit too persistent.
But that's not always bad.

I've never intended to spend much time with it, it was just another attempt.
If anyone had figured out a way to do that via Tickstory I'd be okay to do it.

But I won't spend anymore time with that, especially as it has no real use.

So thanks for your words, it was never my intention to bother Mr. Popov or the community.

Best regards

Re: How can I import Tick Data? All my attempts failed.

Lagoons -- thanks for understanding.

And just to be clear -- it's not a bother to the community and I didn't mean to give that impression.  There are a lot of smart people who struggle with forex because they can't stay focused -- i.e. keep their eye on what is important and ignore peripheral issues. Popov is very experienced when it comes to supporting his forum.  When he chooses to respond I suspect not only does he wish to help you but also to convey a message to others -- e.g. when he mentioned the Maserati, which is pretty humorous.  Keep in mind he works in Bulgaria and I'm betting there are very few Maseratis in Bulgaria (though I could be wrong).

The forum seems to go through periods of interesting and non-interesting posts.  I don't think it has to do with users' experience.  Rather, some people are interested in forex and are motivated to learn and get better, whereas others just want someone to hold their hand as they try to figure-out the software -- even though Popov has gone to great efforts to create a series of excellent videos and provide online documentation.  For selfish reasons, I learn more reading and thinking about posts from motivated people.

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Re: How can I import Tick Data? All my attempts failed.

I had used tickstory/ducascopy data for the same reason as Lagoons says - changing timezones, other reason was that Ducascopy has more data than most of brokers gives. That software have FSB bar format already defined then exporting data files, but it is in OHLC format, which is completely enough for us, just make sure you get all data down to M1... However I stopped using it, because it was real burden for CPU and internet connection to update data this way every month, it took couple days to process all needed data... Easier way is to find broker who already has enough data and save it from the chart with CTR+S or using data exporting script which is provided here in the forum and put that data to FSB data directory. After that you can compare your systems results if they match with your most recent brokers data, just keep in mind timezone changes, if you use time sensitive strategy - change -2,-1,1,2 hours etc. in your time indicators value when comparing results.  Exception here is H4 and D1 timeframes, you can't shift time so easily, so you can consider keep using tickstory/ducascopy for timezones recalculations, however I never checked how much reliable it is.

Actually, comparing systems results between few brokers data is like robustness test. And I am using it for all my systems. If systems results drastically changes after changing data, it is good indication you got it over fitted. I don't believe that system should fail after switching data. Hope it helps and have a nice day.