Topic: FSB-MT4 Bridge connection to MT4

Hi Popov & anyone who can assist.

I am unable to see in FSB builder an active MT4 connection. I can attach the expert to a chart in MT4 fine, it says not connected. I then go to FSB and set my connection ID. I see in MT4 that I am now connected. In FSB log it says I am connected, but there is no green signal indication and no data in FSB. I tried different MT4's, & connection numbers, plus turning off firewall. Can anyone assist?

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Re: FSB-MT4 Bridge connection to MT4

Have a look at this page and try to establish what you have done that is not the same as the page

Also this page

Re: FSB-MT4 Bridge connection to MT4

Thank you for the response.
I did try as per documentation however this did not help.

What did work, but not sure if one or more steps required:-
1) I noted the version of C++ in the documentation. However I had a whole collection of different versions of C++ installed on my system, including multiple installs of C++ 2010. So I eventually uninstalled all of them.
2) I then unisnstalled FSB
3) I reinstalled FSB but not in the default program folder and installed the included C++ library.
4) Restarted MT4 after manually copying the MQL & DLL code, and compiled
End result, I now have MT4 bridge connectivity.


Re: FSB-MT4 Bridge connection to MT4

This is weird.
All working fine. I then closed FSB for a few hours, came back launched FSB and one more I have the issue with MT4 bridge connection not working. I don't really want to uninstall FSB to fix, this time as now I have set-up symbols & history data.
Nothing in log files, as before EA says connected, FSB opens connection, but no data.
Help please,

Re: FSB-MT4 Bridge connection to MT4

You are not running your strategy on MT4, only the FSB ea......?

This is very difficult to guess as to what may be wrong......

I suggest that you write email to Popov and ask him to connect to your machine so that he can get the connection working properly for you.

I bet it will take him less than a couple minutes to see the difficulty and help you to make a fix.