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Topic: Tick Data Suite and EA Studio


I come from a world of StrategQuant and I own a TickData Suite license. This allows me to have real tickdata tests in MT4.

My understanding is that true tests on tick data reveal if a strategy is good or not (obviously with many other aspects, like out of sample testing and monte carlo, etc.)

My questions is if I can import data based on the output of Tickdata Suite into EA Studio. I have attached how a csv file looks like. (This can be exported from tickdata suite).

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Re: Tick Data Suite and EA Studio

The ticks data testing is pointless for EA Studio because the app is specially designed to work with bar data.

You may import your data in MT and to re-export them again with the Data Export script. But please note that there is no benefits form that.

No matter form what "suit" you will import data form testing, the strategy will trade on your broker's live data. For best trading results you have to use ONLY your broker's history data for testing.