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I find that I'm frequently refining multiple strategies -- e.g. I may have 30 strategies that are currently open.  And when I make a change or want to experiment, then I have to re-optimize each strategy one-by-one.  If there was an "Optimize All" button or menu option I could select that, take my dog for a walk, and when we returned it would be completed.

Each strategy has its own optimization settings, and those would remain.  I was wondering if it would be possible to add an option to run the optimizer on all currently opened strategies.

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You can do it easily.

There is a Multi Tester tool under Repository -> Multi Tester.

It can re-calculate a strategy from a loaded collection or form a file.

There is an "Optimize the strategies" option at the bottom

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Thanks, Popov.  This is an interesting feature -- I hadn't used it before.  But it is different than what I was suggesting.

Let's say I have 30 strategies (i.e. *.xml files) and I want to refine them.  Perhaps I've even inserted another indicator in some of them.  The feature you described in your previous post wouldn't help me since it would create a new collection with 100 strategies and many of my original 30 strategies would no longer be included.  Rather, I want to keep the original 30 strategies and simply re-optimize them -- I am not looking to create a new collection that includes many duplications.

I was suggesting a feature that would loop through all the currently opened strategies and call the optimizer function on each one -- that's all.  That way, once I've done some experimentation on each strategy I could press "Optimize All" and walk away.  These 30 strategies have already proven themselves, so I am not interested in creating a collection.  I'd like to be able to make some minor tweaks here and there and re-run the optimizer.

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Re: "Optimize All" feature

It must be simple to be fixed.
Also I recommend to Popov to add the possibility a portfolio of FSB EAs to be saved as one strategy in FSB pro.

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Re: "Optimize All" feature

Sleytus, did you know about "add to collection" button? I think you can easily press it 30 times and use optimize future what Popov already showed. No duplication if you do not press on same strategy multiple times. Collection can be lower than 100.

To have optimize all opened strategies can be contradictory, because if I am working on some and do not want to optimize them? So I will need to save them and close. Which is, I think, more job than create new collection by pressing one button.

EDIT: Sorry, it seems I did not know how Collection optimizer worked. Imagined that one system in, one out, and you would get same collection just optimized, but it seems it is pumping duplicates how Sleytus stated, so ignore my post smile Have a nice Easters

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You can switch off pushing the optimized strategies to the Collection.

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Re: "Optimize All" feature

The Checkbox applies to the current strategy and it doesn't solve the issue of having to manually optimize each of the opened strategies, one-by-one.

I have 30 strategies that are opened.  I've made minor changes to all 30 and want to keep all 30 strategies.  Currently, I have to optimize each one individually.

Under the main menu there is an "Export All Strategies to MT4/5" and was wondering if there could be another option -- "Optimize All Strategies".  This option would be the equivalent of manually selecting "Optimizer / Start" for each of the 30 strategies that are currently open.

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This automatic option would have to be set up so as to allow more iterations than in MultiTester, I think.

Some people might use it to modify one indicator out of, say, three, and someone else may want to change 3 indicators out of five which would take quite a few more iterations.

Being a newbie, I have never used the option that Popov has shown in  the prior post, I can see that Sleytus wants this toi be a batch process which would be a tremendous time saver.

As an aside to this item, many months ago someone suggested a mini optimizer, for use when constructing a strategy, I think the person wanted to be able to do a test on different parameters without the full generator.

So, perhaps optimizer has to be designed so that there is a menu that allows a couple different applications, all of which are a great convenience for the user.

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