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Hello Traders,

Merry Christmas!

My present to you is Correlation Analysis module in EA Studio.

It detects correlations automatically (with a correlation coefficient higher than 0.98)!

The program uses the selected Sorting order and marks the strategies with the lower stats.

The "Resolve correlations" button becomes green when there is such cases. When you press the button, the app removes the strategy with the lower stats from the correlated pair.

The "Resolve correlations automatically." option does what it says. When it is on, the counter and the "resolve" button are hidden.

The "Records stats" box shows how many correlations are resolved.

You may need to "Recalculate" your old collections (it is not necessary, but for any case).

Trade Safe!

Resolved correlation counter. It works in automatic and in manual mode:

If you have "Resolve correlations automatically." on and use the Optimizer, the app may prune all intermediate results (if they correlate) This is a wanted behaviour.  If you need all intermediate results, please switch to a manual correlation mode.

Please note that some times there are other strategies between the correlated ones and you may not find the corresponding one at the first glance.

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Thank you..thank you, what a great feature!:)

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Thank you for the Christmas Present.
I tried the feature and it is great...
However the sorting is still out. I have 2 strategies and I optimize all....correlated ones are taken out.

Now I am left with the following:
1.1 1.2 1.3
2.1 2.6 2.8

No a big problem with 2 strategies..but I have over 50 on some.

I want a filter so that it only shows strategies by ID. So I can only see strategies that have a number 1 dot something. Right now it sorts based on a filter and they are all over the place. I want to work on 1 dot something as they have the same indicators and want to choose the best out of those...then move to 2 dot something and so on.

Please add a filter by ID.


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The key for a good portfolio trading is diversification and low correlation strategies. @Miroslav I really appreciate this update, thanks listening the users request and doing this impressive work.

Vinicius Pereira, Portuguese Support.
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Hello Traders,

Now you can change the Correlation threshold in Tools -> Settings.

The default value is 0.98. We recommend values between 0.90 and 0.99.

Please be careful when changing the threshold because if you put a lower value, it may remove more strategies from your collection.   You can safely experiment with it when the "Resolve correlations automatically" option is switched off.

Trade Safe!

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Awesome....still waiting on the filter by ID. Thanks

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Hello Traders,

Here is my small present for the upcoming New Year

Now you can set EA Studio to detect strategies with similar trading rules (same major ID number). Similar rules means that the strategies have the same indicators, trading rules and SL and TP usage, however the numeric parameters of the indicators may differ.

For example, the Optimizer always find similar strategies because it changes only the numeric parameters of the indicators and the SL and TP values.

You can switch on the new options from Tools -> Settings.

Happy New Year and  Trade Safe!

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Thanks for the updates. Definitely a lot of gifts from your end during this holiday season.
However, I still have an issue with dealing with strategies that are optimized. Please see the video and look at ID610. I take a strategy and optimize it. It generates many versions of the same strategy and I want to specifically work on those. Meaning I need a filter to be able to filter only strategies with ID 610. I do not want EA Studio to automatically remove strategies..which it does if the options in your latest post are checked. Great for automation but does not work for me as I want to see all that the optimizer has generated and delete the ones that I want to delete.
In the video you will notice that the strategies are all over the place and finding them out of 70 plus strategies is a nightmare. I want to be able to just sort to 610..apply my criteria and filter the rest out.

Detect strategies with similar trading rules will show all the strategies like you say..if the resolve correlation is unchecked..but still the strategies will be all over based on the filter chosen on the side.Sometimes I wnat to keep 2 of the same strategies based on their SL and TP settings. I hope you understand the reason for asking this to be better.
That is the main reason why I have been asking for strategy ID filter.!AnRfl_8cAnHNhOZJjnhASdsgaRsrRg