Topic: Tick Data vs. Interpolated M1 Data in FXSB

I am a new licensed user for both FXSB EA Studio and Strategy Builder. Regarding history data, tick data in the MT4 tester often produces dramatically different results than the usual interpolated M1 data for scalping trades. My question, is this true with the FXSB products? I do see the FXSB showing high modelling quality with the interpolated data. Is this due to Miraslov's programming genius?  I have not found any information yet regarding this issue in the massive FXSB knowledge base. Since, I am stuck dealing with the history import before I can get to creating  EAs, I thought I would try to shortcut this problem and ask the seasoned pros in this forum. Secondly, I use Birt's Tick Data Suite as an MT4 Tester app, to provide Dukascopy tick data. It appears I can change the repository location to FXSB.  My broker uses TurnkeyFX interpolated data. I see various discussions in other forums outside FXSB that it is wrong to use Dukascopy data because they do not use MT4 and their data is based on another type of platform. I have never got a straight answer on that issue. I can get TrueFX (limited pairs) and tick data from Birt's app. In summary:
1.   Is it better to use tick data in the FXSB products or use interpolated M1 data from my broker?
2.   Is Dukascopy tick data wrong for MT4?

I appreciate a response. I look forward to many years as a participant in these forums. On another note, I am limited to availability of brokers because I am a US citizen. The US brokers do not come close to offering the level of benefits available from non-US brokers. After some trial and serious error, I now have a real ECN broker based in Europe that is willing to deal with US traders, FinPro Trading. So, I do not have the luxury of going with some of the top brokers in the world because of the US government laws and regulations.

Re: Tick Data vs. Interpolated M1 Data in FXSB

I did finally see a response from Miraslov to another post, that tick data is not necessary in FXSB. I believe that answers my questions, so disregard my first post.  I will focus on importing my broker history, which is also causing problems. Watching the videos, reading the User Guide, searching Forum posts, step by step trying to solve the problems.

Re: Tick Data vs. Interpolated M1 Data in FXSB


It is better to use the data your broker provides, secondly data cannot be wrong unless it is in wrong format and therefore unusable.