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Topic: EA Studio Aditional Filters for Portfolio EA

I've created some Portfolio EAs using EA Studio portfolio feature and I've been trading them for a couple of months.
I have noticed that for some of the Portfolio EAs (for example EURUSD and AUDUSD) the results could have been a lot better if my EAs didn't have tried to sell against the strong uptrends in EURUSD and AUDUSD. I'm posting the actual results of the EAs followed by the results if they didn't have tried to sell against the strong uptrends:

EURUSD actual results:

EURUSD buy only (not selling):

And the same for AUDUSD:
AUDUSD actual results, buy and sell:

AUDUSD buy only (not selling):

I was just thinking if we could prevent EAs from trading or at least not selling against strong uptrends or not buying in clear downtrends our results could be a lot better.

In FSB Pro we can build multitimeframe strategies, and use indicators in a different timeframe to filter out "bad" trades. And we can also build BUY only or SELL only strategies and use them in different conditions. But in FSB Pro we don't have this Portfolio EA feature (yet), that I honestly think it is the best feature we have in EA Studio and that I think FSB Pro needs. On the contrary, in EA studio we can not build MTF strategies, or buy/sell only strategies.

In the end, what I mean is simply that I think it could be of help if the Portfolio EAs we create with EA Studio had the capability to filter out trades depending on an external indicator. For example, if I could have used an ADX indicator (or moving average crossover) to control the conditions of the market, and this way select what kind of trades I can allow in each condition (BUY only, BUY and SELL, SELL only) according to the signals I get from this second indicator.

In trading it is usually difficult to decide when to enter a trade, but sometimes it is not so difficult to notice wether we are in a strong uptrend/downtrend. My idea is the entering/exit conditions could be given by the EAs in the Portfolio EA and at the same time letting a different and independent indicator "control" them according to "market conditions". I think this way of combining trained EAs with and independent filter could give us more robust results.

Can I add an external indicator to the Portfolio EA template? What do you think about this idea?

In any case, and as I said before, I would really love to use the Portfolio EA feature in FSB Pro. I think having the ability to test hundreds of strategies at the same time and selecting the better ones is the way to go. With several portfolios of the more complex strategies  we can build with FSB pro I think it should be easier to find good strategies that work in real conditions/accounts.

Thanks a lot,
Best regards

Re: EA Studio Aditional Filters for Portfolio EA

I am new but see what you mean..I am seeing similar behavior with my EAs. EAs will generate a sell trade in an STRONG uptrend and then sit there till the market comes back down. If I put the SL at a very low level then it definitely will be a loss trade. I have no choice but to set it high and wait for the market to come down. I am trading with 0.01 lots as I am new to all this but cant imagine using bigger lots as that would wipe off my account. There has to be a better way of doing this.
I agree the results would be much better if EAs would not generate trades in the opposite direction in high up or low trends.

I will be closely following this post as could learn a great deal on how you manage to tackle this.

Sorry could not be of much help but glad that I am not alone in experiencing this behavior.


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Forex Forum → Premium Club → EA Studio Aditional Filters for Portfolio EA

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