Topic: Forex Robot Academy vs EA Studio

Just received this link from Rimantas Petrauskas -- he markets other Forex software and products.

Forex Robot Academy is really EA Studio -- but rebranded.  Plus, it costs a lot more.  The short video is professionally done, but also way over-hyped.  According to the video, with just a few clicks you'll be making money.

Perhaps this is a legitimate arrangement with Petrauskas -- I don't know.  But since he is charging a lot then I figured I would bring it to your attention.

Re: Forex Robot Academy vs EA Studio

Hello Traders,

Rimantas and Justin are our friends and partners. They have our permission to present EA Studio via their website. The app is 100% the same as the one you can access here.

The price is higher because they include educational materials and some additional tools. There are about 40 episode video series for the app included also. They will invest significantly in marketing in order to spread the app, which also adds to the price.

If you are interested in their tutorial, you may consider to buy a pack from them. If you need the app only, it is better to take a license from our website.

Trade Safe!

Re: Forex Robot Academy vs EA Studio

Everything is just a few clicks and you will be making huge money... The internet is filled with those.

I have looked at their offerings over many months and have not felt a need to buy any of them.

Theirs ia a marketing firm and they do a lovely job at that and they have a couple tools that a person can look at.

For me, we have enough tools to get the job done without spending the big money.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....