Topic: Importing and Using Tick Data For Future Markets

On MT5, we can export ticks to corresponding instrument. Since it is exchange data, it is probably safe to assume it is intact.

So i wonder if it's a viable option to analyse tick data to build/generate strategies and if FSB can do this (since smallest timeframe to generate is 1m)?

To clear my point, i'm not asking to use tick data for timeframes (1m,5m etc) to increase modelling quality.  What I'm asking is to use tickdata to generate strategy solely depending on ticks (implies that it will be independent of timeframes).

Since most of the indicators are bar/time dependent, it may not be viable? Thx.

Re: Importing and Using Tick Data For Future Markets

You can experiment, save your tick data as M1. You have to edit the first line for FSB to accept it. I don't know how is time represented in your data, that might be a problem. I've used renko charts similarly - saved them as M1, edited the first line to correspond to OHLCV and that has worked well.