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I'm quite impressed with Expert Advisor Studio. It is so powerful and fast and easy to use at the same time that I'm really excited about its capabilities. Honestly I didn't expect to have so many possiblities in a web application. Congratulations to Mr. Popov and thank you for building this platform-

I've been using EA Studio a lot (specially Reactor) for the last week and I would like to post some comments / posible improvements that might help us all.

1. I think it could be of help being able to sort strategies in Collection by their Id. This way we could find a lot easier all the variants of the same strategy and manually select the best according to our criteria (ie. choosing between 121.1, 121.13, 121.24, for example). It seems to be an easy modification, but I think it could help removing variants and keeping only the best one to build our portfolios.

2. I would like to be able to optimize again some of the strategies in COllection. I can manually optimize each strategy againg, but I think if we could optimize multiple strategies at the same time the workflow would be faster.
It would be great if in the Collection screen, next to each strategy there was a selector and this way we could select the strategies that will be reoptimized again.

This could help us in multiple ways. For example, I usually part my data in three. I use the first portion for training, building the strategies (with IS and OOS) in this portion. After removing the worst strategies, I use the second part of the data (testing) to retest the strategies using the recalculate function. I can remove some more strategies after that. However after this point there are others that are not so bad to be removed. I think I could optimize those again and later in the last part of the workflow using the last part of the data (validation) decide if they were good or not.
I think it would be great if we could reoptimize again the selected strategies in the Collection section. This feature, whith the ability to sort the strategies by ID  would give us better strategies to build our portfolios EAs

3. I would like to be able to backtest the Portfolio EA in MT4. I know we'll be able to do this once the server has been removed. It is so great the Portfolio EA feature that I just wanted to say I'm eagerly expecting this feature not to use a server. Thanks a lot for your efforts with the Portfolio EA.

4. Being able to order the strategies by number of trades would be helpful also. Sometimes in a portfolio there could be some strategies with a lot more of operations than the others, and the portfolio could be unbalanced and those strategies could have a lot of weight in the portfolio.

Finally, a minor issue, pagination at the bottom of the screen would be helpful. Not having to scroll up to go to the next page.

That's all so far. Thank you again for your efforts in ForexSB.
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As you get familiar with the application you will see modifications being made from week to week and those will eventually satisfy your requirement.
Popov has a long list of changes and additions which he has prioritized and as days pass he is updating EA Studio.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

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Hello, Blaiserboy, thanks a lot for answering.
Yes, I know Mr. Popov must be really busy working in ForexSB and EA Studio. I didn't want to sound as if I wanted those features to be implemented right now. Sorry if it was the impression you got by reading my previous post. I just wanted to comment some modifications I thought they could be useful.
Now I have just noticed there is a specific thread for suggestions for Expert Advisor Studio (Expert Advisor wish list wink). I should have posted my message there. I'm going to post my suggestions in that other thread. So, please remove this thread if you think it is not needed.
Thanks a lot for your help
Best regards.

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Hello RJ,

Thank you for the feedback! It is valuable for us.