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Hi Popov.

I Made a forex Strategy On Ger30 Index and one logic is that trade opens " enter Once; Once in a day". I back tested it in MT4 and Back test Results came as Trades trigger Once in a day as expected. But when i put in the actual market, i Just saw the Strategy Made 2 trades So far. Strategy is made on 30m Chart, trade opened in one bar and closed and after 2 bars again the strategy made a trade. how can that happen if i have put the logic "Enter Once a Day". I feel like my strategy is unstable. Pls help



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perhaps you will post the actual strategy file so that Popov can examine it

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The expert advisor stores the last entry time in a local variable. When you use the "Enter Once" indicator, the expert checks the last entry time and decides whether to allow a new entry or not, depending on the corresponding logic.
If you restart the expert, it looses the current state and this will reset the variables. The expert will not be able to detect the last entry correctly and will allow a new position.

This happens when you start / stop MetaTrader, remove / attach the expert or change the time frame of the chart during the EA work.