Topic: Stop autoTrading based in profit amount

Is there a a way to auto stop a trading strategy or EA for the day based in profit win (say 100 eur or account percentage)? For instance:
Ea is trading  and reached a profit of 100 eur or 1% of account) I'm pleased for the day and want to stop. If I'm not monitoring is there a way to do it automatically?

Thank you.

Re: Stop autoTrading based in profit amount

Our experts have a Minimum Account protection, but we do not have a protection for a maximum account or profit.

You may experiment with various options as a higher Take Profit and a Trade Once indicator with a rule "Trade once per day". However these options can change the trading logic of your strategy.

Another way is to modify your expert and to add such feature in the code.

Re: Stop autoTrading based in profit amount

Thank you Popov for the reply
Unfortunately I'm not a programmer.
The idea was to avoid being at the screen to disable autotrading  if my profit target was achieved after several trades. Well I guess I have to do it.
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