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Hi, Mr. Popov

I'm testing a little strategy that uses martingale at 1,80.  99% of the time it behaves as expected, but sometimes, after a trade with martingale, it enters next trade with the same amount, ie, it doesn't reset to initial entry amount. Can't understand why. Do you have any idea?


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Re: Martingale problem

Perhaps you have to post the strategy so that Popov can have a look at its execution...

He is unable to diagnose the problem from the picture.

He needs the strategy so that he can run it on his machine and observe.

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Re: Martingale problem

Thank you Blaiserboy for your advice. I feel certain reluctance to bother Mr. Popov. I believe he has lots of work. The question here is not the strategy - it is a simple strategy that sets fixed SL and TP. I've experimented with lots of strategies and sometimes martingale behaves strangely (doesn't reset to initial amount when reaches tp and also doesn't multiply when reaches sl), especially in bridge mode. Although  rare it could ruin a strategy if not working 100% reliable. I'm testing an EA and until now it behaves as expected. It is just uncomfortable to think the feature is unstable.

Re: Martingale problem

Hello Santos,

The Martingale function is not 100% reliable. The reason for that is that MetaTrader doesn't have a mechanism for reporting a position close event. We try to detect changes of positions and set the Martingale multiplier correctly, but it doesn't work every time.

Re: Martingale problem

Thank you Mr. Popov. I continue testing. I like martingale feature, although i know it is a risky one.
Let me felicitate you for your work and dedication to this software.
Best regards