Topic: Binary Options Tester Released

Hello Trader,

Our newest tool is Binary Options Tester (BO Tester).

It is an online application for creating strategies for trading Binary Options.

You can find it at the navigation bar of the website or you can use that link: Binary Options Tester

The program works with subscriptions via PayPal. However, you can test most of its features for free.

We still working on providing more useful tools as possibility of exporting MT experts and indicators that can be used for rising signals for manual trading. We understand that this is what the most Binary Options traders do.

We will try to provide exporting of MT expert advisors for automatic trading for all available brokers that allow trading of Binary Options Robots.

Stay tuned and Trade Safe!

Re: Binary Options Tester Released

The app is updated.

Now you can set the format of the Investment and the Expiry in the Settings page.

These features makes the exported Expert Advisors with most of the MetaTrader Binary Options brokers.

The Help articles: "Settings" and "Exporting EA" are also updated.

Re: Binary Options Tester Released

The Signal EA is ready.

Binary Options Tester and the Help information are updated.

The Signal EA simulates Binary Options trading in MT, show sentry and Expiry arrows, emit alerts.
It works with every MT.

The Signal EA can be backtested in MT.

It has options for setting the virtual account for the simulation.

Here I run a Signal EA on 6 charts. It just emitted an Up signal.

Re: Binary Options Tester Released

Please,How can i get link to Binary option strategies tester

Re: Binary Options Tester Released

Hello Popov ,I can no longer access Binary Option Tester, the page is not avialable,has something happened?

Re: Binary Options Tester Released

It is available here: