Topic: every mq4 + ex4 Indicator possible?


i read around this Forum the last days and saw all of the introducion Videos.
All around sounds perfect.

There is only one simple point open, that i dont understand complete.
If you talk about import Custom Indicators, what are you talking about exact?

Are you talking about Indicators that are written in this Software from other users?
Is it possible to import all of my Metatrader 4 Indicators that i have, also mq4 and ex4?

I ask because in my eyes i have some really nice Trendline Indicators and Trendchannel once,
that i often use with a good result. If it will be possible to import them here, this Programm seams to be perfect.

I hope to get your answer, what ever it will be.
Thank you.

Kind regards,

Re: every mq4 + ex4 Indicator possible?

Hello Crazy,
Custom indicators are written specifically for FSB in C# language. There is no possibility to use indicators written in mq4 in the program.

Re: every mq4 + ex4 Indicator possible?

Hey footon,

ok, i got it!

Not really what i want to hear, but a clear answer.
Thank you for that!

Is there a possibility way out of the programm to create on a smoothe way the C# Programm if the original mq4 is there?
Is there needed a Coder (a person) for this, to implement?

I think i really know the answer ;-)


Re: every mq4 + ex4 Indicator possible?

A coder is needed smile

Re: every mq4 + ex4 Indicator possible?

Ok, I got it complete.

Many thanks to you!

Re: every mq4 + ex4 Indicator possible?

You may find that FSBpro has sufficient indicators to generate a ton of experts that work quite well.

I wonder if you have downloaded all that are in the repository.

There are new indicators being added from time to time by Footon and the developer as well as a couple other users.

You may find it worthwhile to check the repository every few weeks to update your file.

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