Topic: Different Settings for long vs short trades


I've just today discovered forex strategy builder and am currently running the demo version. Thus far I find it both easy to use and powerful. There is one question I would to ask:

Is it possible to create one set of conditions (indicators and parameters) for long trades (entry and exits) and a completely different set of conditions for short trades?

A system that I would like to test, for example, enters the market when CCI(14) turns above it's level set to 90 and exits when CCI(7) crosses it's level at 10 for short trades, but long trades will execute on different values for CCI.

Is this possible with FXSB?


Re: Different Settings for long vs short trades

We think that you should not do it. The forex market is completely symmetrical unlike the stock market for example.

You can do that by using Logical Groups with a combination with "Long or Short" indicator. You can set logical group "A" for long positions and logical group "B" for shot positions.

Re: Different Settings for long vs short trades

That's awesome, thanks

Thanks for the advice, Miroslav. I'm just scratching an itch and experimenting a bit smile