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Topic: Instructions for increasing more logical conditions

Hi Popov,

I did a reset to my FSB Pro and hence, all my previous setting were gone.

I need to increase the number of logical conditions and I forgot where in the forum page, you gave the instructions to manually increase the conditions to 26 max.

Can you kindly direct me to the user manual or where I can find the steps to make this changes.

I got it already.  BELOW are the steps for those who need to know what to do.

Go to FSB folder open under users files, system and then settings and at the end of the code, there is a default number.  Change it between 8 to 26 according to your preference.

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Re: Instructions for increasing more logical conditions

Hi Hannah
You have to go to c:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files\System\
and open with a text editor like Notepad++ Settings.json.

It is located at the end of the file.

I have it 18!!!

Re: Instructions for increasing more logical conditions

Thanks GD,

My 1st message, I put the same instruction at the bottom of the message and maybe that's why it's not clear and it's very kind of you to clarify it further.  Hence, I re-edit my 1st message to highlight the instruction better.  You have been very supportive, really appreciate your help and your encouragement.