Topic: Import tick data??

Hi.. I have used SQ tick data downloader, but how can I import the data? The name on the files are not
like the one in FSB Demo Data.

My files are named:


Why cant FSB read this files?.

Thanks for any help!
Regards, Halvard

Re: Import tick data??

Format must be right, naming must be correct.

Re: Import tick data??

Please see this guide: JForex Import

Re: Import tick data??

I did try that Popov.. Maybe I will make a program that rename the files smile


Re: Import tick data??

Halvard, Dukascopy changes the file names and formats frequently. Probably they did it again. I see that this time the period is next to the symbol sign. I'll check it and will update the program.
I really cannot understand why ten years old program changes the formats every year.

Re: Import tick data??

Is just to make or life harder smile smile.

But thanks for the help!!

Re: Import tick data??

I just downloaded new jForex from DukasCopy and it works out of the box.

The only thing I changed is the time zone to UTC. If it is other than UTC jForex sets different opening hours for the H4 and D1 bars and FSB doesn't like them.

Re: Import tick data??

Ops, I now see you use SQ data downloader. It is not tested.

You must use directly jForex instead.

Re: Import tick data??

Hi.. Gonna try that smile