Topic: Trades in basket

Hello everybody i'm new to FSB and i have some questions:

I want to add a trade when the first one is losing, so i set Next same direction signal to: Loosing.
Now when i have for instance 3 trades in my basket, I would like to close the basket with a Take Profit from the break even point of the total basket. But now, when I set a TP, FSB calculates the TP from the last trade and closes the 2 of the total 3 trades in the basket with a loss.

How can i set the TP from multiple trades (basket) from breakeven point, instead of the last trade?

How can i set an increment for losing trades, like martingale, and also close the basket at TP from breakeven.
Because the martingale option only works with closed trades, right?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Trades in basket

Can somebody help me?