Topic: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v2.4

This release fixes several issues and adds several new features.

The Ease of Movement indicator is renewed due to an error in the formula of previous version. If you are using this indicator, you have to check and readjust your strategies.

Fixed issues:
  * Fixed Ease of Movement formula. Added more logical rules:
  * Fixed a crash on Journal page when there is no trades and you scroll to the right.
  * Fixed a crash when you use the navigation button of the yellow warning bar and there are no open pages.
  * Fixed naming of new strategies when the wanted name is already occupied by adding a correct suffix.
  * Fixed incorrect closing of Trader Connections when there are several connections on strategy. The program closes the active connection instead of that with the clicked "Close" button.

New features:
  * MT4 HST import checks if the destination folder belongs to a data source. In such case, the program imports only symbols set in that data source and ignores all other HST files.
  * Added a "Clone" command in the strategy tabs context menu. It is useful when you want to modify a copy of the strategy.
  * Added strategy templates. There are two new buttons "Save as Template" and "Open from Template" on the main tool bar and the file menu. There are also shortcut keys: Open: Ctrl+T and Save: Ctrl+Shift+T. Now the user can save any strategy as a template and to use it with a single click.
  * Added Drag & Drop. FSB Pro can open dropped strategy files.
  * The expert checks the available count of bars on MT History Tester. If the count is lower than what the strategy requires, the expert reports an error in the Journal.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v2.4

Forex Strategy Builder Professional  was updated to v2.4.1.

It comes with a new MQL code set v9.

  *  Fixed a bug with Moving Average initialization when the shift is greater than zero.

You have to reexport your expert advisors after you see the message for the MQL code update. The update affects strategies using Moving Average with shift.

The fixed issue has appeared in the first (Shift + 2*Period) bars.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v2.4

i am using FSB for a few days now and it all seemed fine but today it doesn load the indicators from the repository.
it says: unable to load one or more of the reqeusted types.
i have to load all indicators again every time.

thanks in advanced