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What do you think about an Expert Advisor that can trade all strategies created with FSB?
Through all the years I am developing FSB and FST I thought it is impossible because of the complexity of the calculation model and the limitations of MetaTrader. However, one night ten days ago, I was inspired by an idea how I can do it.
I rewrote all the trader code in MQL including most of the indicators. And this morning the expert was live. It runs on MT without FSB and a bridge. Moreover, it works at the exactly same way as the FSB bridge and it also can be tested with the MT tester (however it take ages smile )

Stress test of 4 FSB Experts on M1 and M5 charts.

Backtesting with MT4 smile smile  - only for proving the concept.

There is more work to be done before the release, but it is live.

I'll integrate it to FSB Pro and it will be possible to export ready to use, single file experts for trading directly in MT4.

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That's an interesting development! Comparisons between MT/FSB and MT alone will be intriguing.

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Expert vs Bridge.

The expert shows the last three indicator values and signals.

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Exporting an EA to MT and backtesting:

Open long at Upper BB (short at the lower BB). Adding max 3 times. Closing at the central MA.

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Trading with Bridge and AE.

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Last 2 screenshots = pure awesomeness smile

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I'll upload the new version of FSB Pro with included  EA export withing next 2 days.

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We have a great chance to see an Expert export to MT5:

Trading with MT5 will be better for strategies that are using Adding rules because MT5 allows adding lots to an open position.

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Normally I wipe out two-three demo accounts per day when I'm stress testing new trading and strategy features.
But the last one made 550 usd profit for 6 hours  executing about 1000 orders smile smile smile

There are some dark forces behind it.

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The pic looks like MT5.......... did u run the strategy on MT5 with export from FSBPro.....?

and if so.. is the exported expert compatible with both MT4 and MT5..?


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My dear friends.
Yes it is an MT5. Mr Popov says it clearly at his message at December 23 at 15:12:37.
I think that your mistake or miss understanding didn't harm anyone and I believe that
it would be better to be free to make mistakes as many times you want.

  Merry Christmass
  With Love and Respect

Also please forgive me about 15:12:37 (UTC +2) because this is the time when I am logged in.
The time when I am Logged out is 13:12:37 (UTC).

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Blaiserboy wrote:

and if so.. is the exported expert compatible with both MT4 and MT5..?

MT4 and MT5 have different commands for executing orders and different position management model. That makes impossible a single Expert Advisor to run in both programs.

However MetaQuotes made MQL4 language much closer to MQL5 after version 600 of MT4.  We are using these improvements to make FSB exporting EAs to MT5 also.

What I'm doing now is to provide EA export to MT5 with the same functionality as in MT4. Actually there is no change visible change sin FSB Pro.

The export button exports to all predefined paths. If the path points to a MT4 expert directory, the program exports mq4 file. If the path goes to MT5, the program exports mq5 expert.

Also the Save As Expert button allows the user to chose the file type.

MT5 maintains only one position per symbol. This is very good for strategies that adds lots to a position. However, this makes impossible to trade strategies in different charts of one symbol. (You can make it in MT4 by setting different Magic numbers)

I hope to provide an update with export to MT5 til the end of 2014.

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Hello dear users,

Happy New Year for all!!!

I'm working hard on our project. I converted more than 50 custom indicators in MQL. The MT5 expert is almost ready, however there are some problems with it so far.
I'll  prepare an update with MT5 export and custom indicators these days. I want to test it on Monday and probably will publish the update on Tuesday.

Have a nice weekend,

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hi ,
is there any way of getting the mt5-fsb soon
or it is already available??
happy new year

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Export of a MT5 Expert Advisor will be available in maximum 3 days.

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The new version is almost ready. It will provide export to MT5 and support of custom indicators.
I'll try to fix some minor issues and will make some test on real trade tomorrow.  I'll upload the new release tomorrow evening.