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Hello Pop
Why the CSV file format from FSB differ from the exported CSV from any MT4 station , in the FSB version all price data including the date and time wrapped in one column which make it not usable outside the FSB and we have to edit it again to be reusable

May you change the output  to match the original MT4 CSV format

Many thanks in advance

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Hello Ahmed,
I am using "tab" for a column separator. This makes the files readable in any text editor. (I prefer Notepad++). You can also import the files in any spreadsheet program.

Here is Tab separated data I'm using:

2014-11-06    13:40    1.59070    1.59130    1.59068    1.59130    153
2014-11-06    13:41    1.59134    1.59135    1.59106    1.59119    162
2014-11-06    13:42    1.59117    1.59176    1.59100    1.59103    142

Vs. the same data in MT4 export format


Import CSV file in Excel:

  1. Open a new spreadsheet
  2. Go to Data tab
  3. Select Get External Data -> From Text

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Hello Pop

to open it using excel there are two ways

1- '' long way'' open empty excel then open the csv like you did and this will open it in the proper way

2- ''short way'' open by double click on the csv like i did and here the problem will show itself  '' the whole columns merged into one column!!

i spent all the day try to make excel automatically recognize the separate columns by changing regional setting from control panel but not working and then i found another approach which is :

3- double click on csv '' it will open in one column '' then click data----> Text to columns----->next-------> text qualifier { none } now it separates the columns !!!!

but this is a time consuming process if we will work with 10s of csv files each time!. could you modify the csv file structure to be opend by double click

Also i find that behavior is consistent not only with excel but with other EOD softwares that use csv

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What do you want to do with the data in excel? Depending on the uses, I suggest you turn instead to a csv editor such as

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nquental wrote:

What do you want to do with the data in excel? Depending on the uses, I suggest you turn instead to a csv editor such as

Thanks for this, I had no idea of a csv editor.

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@Blaiserboy - Excel is great for editing CSV too. Had no problems with it so far.