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Topic: EUR USD bug closed?

I find it extremely rude that the topic I opened was closed without an answer. If there is another more appropriate place to report bugs I would be happy to know. I paid two licenses of the product so I presume that gives me the right at least to report things with confidentiality.

Instead, I had to read someone claiming that I have to provide all the information (in this forum!) to have an answer. This is outright absurd and unacceptable. I cannot be obliged to share with the forum things that I don't want to share (another thing is to share with the developer so he/she can help).

This doesn't mean that I don't share things, on the contrary. You may check my other posts where I have posted strategies and ideas for the improvement of the program.

Re: EUR USD bug closed?

I believe this topic can shed light to this closing matter.

I understand your side, Yavor's side, and the point Dave is making, but lets keep emotions behind the door so to speak and remain constructive. Let me propose one option to you - if you are unwilling to provide the whole data via forum, but you are aware and accepting the relevance of intact data disregarding its probable usefulness, which will be known after the fact, send it personally to the developer. Email is "info@forexsb.com" I believe.

Re: EUR USD bug closed?

Good idea
Link above does not work for me tho... so here it is

Re: EUR USD bug closed?

Hello nquental,

In order to solve the problem, please:
- run the strategy with a unique Connection ID
- be sure that there are no problems with the connection (the expert shows steadily "Connected" status)
- do not modify the position manually,
- do not change the MT4 chart,
- do not run other experts or scripts on the same MT4 chart
- do not run other strategies on the same Symbol and Period
- check the Trader Journal periodically for suspicious records.

If the problem appears again, please send me the FULL log file(s), Settings.json file and the strategy xml file.