Topic: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v1.0

Hello dear users,

Thank you for following my products for so many years!

I'm proud to finally announce the first official release of Forex Strategy Builder Professional v1.0.

You can download it for a free 30 days test from our Download page. If you already running a previous version, it will be auto-updated.

All currently purchased licenses are valid for this release and also for the upcoming updates.

Test your strategies carefully before starting a real trade.

I'll  be grateful if you report any bugs or issues you may encounter.

Enjoy the new release and have a great profit!

Lead Developer,
Miroslav Popov

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v1.0

Cheers to Popov and your wonderful team!!!!

So proud of your work!

Thanks for all your patience and professionalism for following up on our queries and suggestions.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v1.0

What is new in this release:

- Added new trade protection options in Generator. Now you can set the usage of Stop Loss, Take Profit and Break even. The available options are: Keep Original, Always Use, May Use, Do not Use.
- Fixed a bug with generation of SL, TP and BE when the range minimum is lower than 100.
- Fixed Start Screen bug that prevents showing of strategy icons in some localisations.
- Fixed downloading of Account Exchange Rates.
- Minor fixes of GUI
- Fixed other minor issues.