Topic: Exit at End of the Week

Hi there Popov,

I'm trying out a strategy that should exit at the end of the week. But unfortunately, it didn't. Could you help explain how the indicator works? How does the indicator know it's the 'End of the Week'?

Im sure this topic was covered before but I can't seem to find the threads. Thanks ahead!


Re: Exit at End of the Week

There are two indicators "Week Closing" and "Week Closing 2".
Both indicators work equally in backting mode. They close position at 24:00 on Friday.

Obviously, this will not work on trading mode because the market closes earlier.

To solve this problem, we added "Week Closing 2", it accepts Friday closing time as parameters. Set 3-5 minutes before the market closing and FSB will cole the position properly.

The closing time is the broker's time (not local). You can easily see if there is time difference between the broker time and your local time when you see the tick time shown in FSB Pro.

In my case there are 13 seconds difference - not a big problem.

Re: Exit at End of the Week

Thanks Pop!

Your second picture really explained to me what I needed to know. Thx

Re: Exit at End of the Week

Hey Pop,

With Week Closing 2 I can't seem to add indicators to it. Is this a bug? Or is there a reason to this?

Re: Exit at End of the Week

The included in the distribution Week Closing 2 indicator allows adding of Closing Logic conditions.