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Topic: Problem with not saved collections

If you are letting your FSB Pro generator to run, searching for new strategies in a Collection, don’t forget to save generated Collection regularly.

I had my computer running for few days collecting potentially great strategies (some with SQN > 10, Sharp > 4) in a collection when suddenly FSB Pro crashed. My new collection despaired, because I only named it with a name, but not saved it to a file. So you should, on regular basis, click on the diskette icon (in Repository window) sitting over the collection name. Also, if you will chose not to use any collection name when starting the generator, FSB Pro will do it for you with a default collection name like “FSB Demo data EURUSD H1” (or similar one, with same structure: “FSB” “FileNameOfHistoricalDataUsed” “Symbol” “Chart”).

Even in this case, if the default name is used, you have to save the generated collection by clicking on the diskette symbol not to lose collection in a program crash. 

Maybe FSB Pro should have an option for saving automatically collections to a file. Today FSB Pro program will ask you if you want to save open collections and strategies to a file when you are closing the program, but will not save anything automatically during the generator run.

Re: Problem with not saved collections

I have experienced similar frustration and quite agree with your suggestions.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: Problem with not saved collections

You are right,

I can make it saving collections in  temp files for easier recovering in case of a crash.