Topic: Forex Strategy Builder v3.8

Forex Strategy Builder v3.8 is published.

This is an important update because fixes a backtest issue with Winner adding mode. Fixed also issues with Day Closing 2 and Week Closing 2 indicators.

All changes:

- Fixed a bug with Winner adding mode leading to overestimated strategy backtest results .
- Fixed Day Closing 2 and Week Closing 2 indicators.
- Fixed colors of the period bar at the bottom  of the Account chart.
- Fixed "Update" time to  show the end of the last bar in Market statistics.
- Installation program deletes old Libraries.xml on installation in order to force FSB to recompile all custom indicators.
- Fixed TopBottomPrice indicator when working on weekly chart.
- Refactored RSI indicator code.

As usual, the program can be downloaded for free from our Download page.