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Topic: Stop Working Error CLR20r3

I have win7 x64 reinstalled. I have tried everything but the error not found what I'm doing wrong. you have an idea?

Perhaps the problem is Microsoft. NET v3.5.1?

earlier it was still working
Please help me ...

many many thanks

Re: Stop Working Error CLR20r3

Go to C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder\User Files\System folder and rename "config.xml" file to something other.
Delete also "Libraries.xml" file.

Try if it works.

If no, go to "C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder" folder and run directly "Forex Strategy Builder.exe".

Report the progress

PS: If FST runs correctly?

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Re: Stop Working Error CLR20r3

Thank you for the quick response ...

there is no config.xml "or" libraries.xml "file

when I click the exe directly in the directory it's the same.

is the error at Microsoft. NET v3.5.1 ?

I could not find Microsoft. NET v3.5 for win7

I do not sit here many hours but can not find the problem


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Re: Stop Working Error CLR20r3

If FST runs fine, it means that the problem is not in FST.

I can take a look at your system via http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx.
Please install that program and send me your ID and password.

Re: Stop Working Error CLR20r3

Problem was fixed via remote access.
Found missing files in the installation directory.
Solution - new installation with all options switched on.